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'Recycle more mobiles!' cries Nokia

Got one of these? Recycle it, for Pete's sake!
Got one of these? Recycle it, for Pete's sake!

Nokia is sitting all mobile phone users down and giving us a stern telling-off for the atrociously small number of people who recycle their mobiles.

Nokia has released a survey revealing that only three per cent of all discarded mobile phones are recycled, which is a huge number of discarded handsets considering that there are well over a billion floating around.

Between 65 per cent and 80 per cent of all devices are eligible for recycling, although nearly half of all those people surveyed were unaware it was possible to do so.


Nokia offers an 85 country-wide voluntary recycling policy for unwanted mobile phones in a bid to help get more people bringing out their handsets.

Each mobile contains a number of valuable materials; but four per cent go into landfill, with a whopping 44 per cent left in drawers.

If you're not into giving things away, a number of websites offer you the chance to recycle your mobile and get paid for doing so.

In fact, if you're an early adopter and keep up with your upgrade cycle, that old handset could be worth £50-plus each year.

So have a look in your drawers…could be some cash-worthy treasure in there.