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Nokia might have smaller, 8" plans for its next tablet

Nokia might have smaller, 8-inch plans for its next tablet
Can it play nicely with the 2520 and Surface 2?

Not content with just one Nokia tablet? If the Lumia 2520 grabbed your attention but was a little oversized for your liking, you might be in luck.

Once again, evleaks is fulfilling his job description and giving us the early details, this time about Nokia's next RT slab which is going under the codename of the "Illusionist".

According to him, the "Nokia Illusionist is going to be their second RT tablet, but in the eight-inch class" though he's not spilling anything else for the time being.

'You want to be fooled. But you wouldn't clap yet.'

However evleaks has mention the "Illusionist" before, last time telling everyone that the device will come with stylus support. So we can add that in as well, salt permitting.

The Illusionist will be just a temporary secret-but-not-so-secret-because-we-know-about-it name until Nokia brandishes it with something much more exciting like the 3520 or the 2600. Both equally thrilling.

Interestingly, this news arrives as speculation around a possible 8-inch tablet from Google has kicked off.

iPad mini 2, watch your back.