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MediaTek and Samsung introduce world’s first Wi-Fi 6E enabled 8K TV

8K QLED TV with Wi-Fi 6E
(Image credit: Samsung)
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MediaTek and Samsung have come out with what they claim to be world’s first 8K QLED TV – the flagship Samsung 8K QLED Y21. It is powered by MediaTek’s MT7921AU, and is also said to be first TV to get Wi-Fi 6E certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA).  

The newly-certified Wi-Fi 6E technology is designed to use 6GHz frequency in combination with the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. 

MT7921AU also supports Bluetooth 5.2 from a single, highly integrated platform. With 1.2 Gbps speeds, users can enjoy smoother streaming and gaming for uninterrupted entertainment.

Wi-Fi 6E offers 4 times faster connectivity

As TVs and mobile devices continue to evolve into connectivity hubs for consumers across a variety of lifestyle routines, demand for handling high data capacity has increased. Wi-Fi 6E is designed to make use of uncongested bandwidth and is said to offer numerous advantages over previous Wi-Fi generations. It offers not only four times faster connectivity, but also stable and reliable data transfers – even when multiple devices are connected to one router – perfect for those who enjoy immersive high-definition OTT content.

MediaTek is a main player in Wi-Fi technology, which is used widely in global products. 

"Our collaboration with Samsung has been instrumental in bringing consumers the latest smart TV technology to support these uses and beyond,” said Jerry Yu, MediaTek Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Intelligent Devices Business Group. “With our advanced connectivity technologies – including WiFi-6 support – integrated into Samsung’s 8K TVs, we’re driving the premium smart TV segment forward globally.”

Whether streaming 4K and 8K high-definition videos or enjoying VR content and high-performance games, TVs with Wi-Fi 6E support are for consumers looking for premium viewing experiences at home.

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