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Chipped Xbox 360s liberated from lockout

Xbox 360
Mod fans can now take it online again - if they're prepared to get their hands dirty

The recent axe that fell on the necks of users of modified Xbox 360 consoles looking to use the Xbox Live service may not be as fatal as had been first thought, after a fix emerged this weekend.

Estimates suggest around a million users with modded consoles were hit by the lockout, so that's a hefty chunk of gamers who'll by heartened by the news.

Don't buy a new one

Casting aside Microsoft's unhelpful suggestion that chipped gamers go buy another Xbox 360, one hardcore hacker has posted a solution on a website dedicated to enabling the console to play copied and imported games.

The instructions are far too complex to go into here, but the essence is that it involves flashing the machine's memory to create a workaround to the Microsoft block.

Tricky process

As it requires access to an un-banned console for copying key pieces of code to the chipped machine, it's clearly not for the uninitiated, but at least there's an option out there for those dedicated to the mighty mod chip.