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BMW, VW, Mercedes and Hyundai all sign up to Nokia's maps

BMW, VW, Mercedes and Hyundai all sign up to Nokia's maps
Nokia mapping out deals

Nokia has sealed key deals for its maps – with BMW, Mercedes, VW and Hyundai all agreeing to use its navigation platform.

The Paris Motor Show is becoming increasingly significant in the tech world as manufacturers team up with major names to make our vehicles work more closely with our devices.

Commenting on the deal, Nokia's senior VP for sales and business development Bruno Bourguet expressed his delight at capturing some high profile clients.

Uniquely positioned?

"We believe that Nokia Location & Commerce is uniquely positioned to provide a superior consumer experience which automotive manufacturers as well as other players in the industry can deliver to their customers, and the announcements we are making this week underscore this," he said.

"Drivers today expect to be told the best way to get from A to B but they also want live traffic information, notifications of nearby places of interest and data that helps them drive better and make journeys a pleasure rather than a chore.

"Whether it is a daily commute or a long distance drive, we are delivering on our Connected Car vision to bring a full set of capabilities from navigation to safety to entertainment."

The Sat Nav world is increasingly fascinating as major names like TomTom, Nokia, Google and, so far so unsuccessfully Apple compete for traction.

Via Phonearena