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The best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases

While the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been succeeded by the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, and soon the Galaxy S11 too, it's still a reliable smartphone – so make sure to put a Galaxy S8 case on your handset to keep it serving you well.

If you're looking to protect your phone and your wallet, Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 are at the end of November, and the deals season that ensues will surely see all kinds of phone accessories discounted. That means your Samsung Galaxy S8 case might be even more affordable.

TechRadar is set to cover Black Friday in great detail, so we'll bring you all the deals. When the November 29 date gets closer, check back to our Black Friday homepage (maybe bookmark it now) so you can find all the best deals and discounts.

One of the nicer features of the Galaxy S8 is its stunning edge-to-edge display that stretches over the phone's sides. Naturally, that larger display is also more vulnerable to drops since the angled screen is more likely to make contact with the ground than other devices. A bad spill could doom your pristine screen.

These are products that we haven't had in our test labs, but based on our experts' opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked with newer additions at the top, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability or unique features to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases at a glance:

  • Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S8 case
  • Vena Samsung Galaxy S8 vCommute
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Super Thin case by Peel
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear View Standing Cover
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 LED View Cover
  • Samsung Silicone Cover
  • Samsung Alacantara Cover
  • Samsung Clear Cover
  • Otterbox Defender and Commuter Cases
  • Incipio Galaxy S8 cases
  • Caseology Galaxy S8 cases
  • Speck Galaxy S8 cases
  • Casemate Galaxy S8 cases
  • Lifeproof Galaxy S8 cases
  • Tech21 Galaxy S8 cases
  • Spigen Slim Armor CS case
  • Caseowl 2-in-1 Wallet case
  • Maxboost Wallet case
  • Ocase leather flip wallet
  • Zizo Bolt

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases at a glance:

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S8 case

Scrappy protection at a low price

Decent protection for price
Kickstand included
Likely not as protective as pricier cases

Spigen has spread its low-cost Tough Armor series to plenty of phones, and it's at home here for a Samsung phone that has been surpassed by newer devices. It's an affordable case with a couple layers of protection, providing basic safety for those who don't need to splurge on their older phone.

The Tough Armor has a flexible TPU body that wraps around the device along with a polycarbonate shell, which also houses the wee kickstand for propping up your phone to watch media. You can pick one up for just under $17 (£13, AU$23) on Amazon here.

Vena Samsung Galaxy S8 vCommute

Rugged design
Covered wallet

Vena's vCommute is a rugged take on the wallet case, offering more protection (and a grittier look) for anyone who wants to carry cards around with their phone. It's got a typical flexible TPU and polycarbonate combo frame to handle drops and scuffs. 

Unlike other wallet cases, the vCommute's card pocket can be completely enclosed by a cover. This layer is articulated, allowing you to turn it into an impromptu stand - and it's also magnetic, and allegedly works with appropriate car mounts.

You can get the vCommute for just under $20 ( £15, AU$27) on Amazon here.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Super Thin case by Peel

The case for people who hate cases

Almost invisible
Easy application
Doesn't add any heft
Slightly expensive for what it is

This Samsung Galaxy S8 Super Thin case is for you if you're even the least bit reluctant to cover up your new S8. Coming in a few different colors, each adds a nice touch to the S8's forward-thinking design.

Its easy application and low profile makes it an easy choice for minimalists, though at $25, it's not the cheapest case given its simple build. However, if form takes higher priority over function, Peel's case is exactly what you need. 

Check out the Super Thin case by Peel right here.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear View Standing Cover

The best case for watching video on your big phone

Doubles as a stand
See-through window
Can't remove the flip cover

This Samsung Galaxy S8 case has a translucent cover envelopes the entire phone and provides a see-through window for the time and date, incoming calls, music controls and lock screen notifications. On top of that, it doubles as a stand so you can easily watch movies in landscape mode.

Samsung Galaxy S8 LED View Cover

54 LED icons light up your case

54 special LED icons light up the cover
Limited controls without opening cover
You don't get full access with the cover on

This is Samsung’s fun Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus case that shines LED lights through the translucent cover. There are 54 special icons and you can have limited control over the phone without having to open up the cover.

Samsung Silicone Cover

Smooth silicon outside, microfiber inside

Bright color options
Microfiber interior
Resistant to sliding into your pocket

This is the most standard case Samsung makes. It has a smooth, rubberized feel on the outside and a microfiber interior to keep your phone scratch-free. It protects your phone and gives you several bright color options.

Samsung Alcantara Cover

Wrap your Galaxy S8 is a suede case

Soft, textured suede
Lip around the screen
Suede will bruise with age

Samsung’s premium Alcantara case feels like suede with a soft, textured material that extends all the way around the phone. You even get a slight lip around the display in order to avoid scratching the front glass when the phone is face down.

Samsung Clear Cover

The official clear case you want

Clear case that's just 0.8mm thin
Doesn't compromise the phone design 

Let your Samsung Galaxy S8 true color and slim design shine through this clear case. It's 0.8mm thin, so there’s not much extra bulk to this bumper case. It's protection without the distraction.Samsung Clear Cover

Defender to the left, Commute to the right

Defender to the left, Commute to the right

Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases

Tough cases for the Galaxy S8

Provide serious drop protection
Adds bulk to your already big phone

Otterbox makes heavy-duty Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases, so you’re getting drop protection from the incredibly rugged Defender and almost as durable Commuter series. Both have a polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber slipcover.

Incipio Galaxy S8 cases

22 different Incipio S8 cases

Many different S8 case styles
Glitter case stands out, makes a great gift
Wallet case doesn't come with free money :(

Incipio already has 22 Galaxy S8 cases available (and another 22 for the Galaxy S8 Plus), so here are our favorites: The Carnaby has a soft fabric back that reminds of us Incipio’s stylish backpacks; Stowaway gives you a pocket for up to three credit cards; and Haven provides protection from six-foot drops. Not enough? Incipio also sells two different glitter cases.

Caseology Galaxy S8 cases

Four S8 cases, from thin to rugged

Thin and heavy-duty cases available

There are four Caseology Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases, and they’re all fairly inexpensive. The Caseology Coastline is the company’s basic clear polycarbonate case for minimalists, the Parallax case provide stylish grooves in addition to protection, the Vault I case is meant to be ‘slim armor’ and the Legion case is all about offering rugged protection without compromise.

Speck Galaxy S8 cases

Cases that don't show off

Slim and understated designs 
Grip case has a no slip back

Speck is best at offering Samsung cases with slim designs and just enough protection to get you through your first year or two with the phone (until you trade it in). We like the new Presidio case for exactly that reason. It takes on a slim design, yet offers drop and bezel screen protection. The Speck Presidio Grip, meanwhile, it meant for more impact and, with a no-slip back, hopefully fewer drops.

Casemate Galaxy S8 cases

Mesmerizing waterfall cases

You'll be entranced by the waterfall cases 
Maybe a little to out there for some people

You can find some fun cases among Casemate’s Galaxy S8 collection already. Skip the ‘Naked Tough Clear’ case and go for one of the three ‘Naked Tough Waterfall’ cases. They send glitter cascading through clear cases, just in case a 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch phone didn’t stand out already. Also fun are Casemate’s Karat cases that stick various shiny metal accents (like gold flakes or mother of pearl and silver) inside a case – they just don’t move around.

Lifeproof Galaxy S8 cases

Army grade protection

Extra protection and waterproofing
For serious case protection only

Lifeproof’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases bring your Android phone up to army grade standards thanks to the military standard 810G-516.6. It’s ready for rough and tumble action and extends the device’s IP68 waterproof capabilities. The company even claims to give it snowproof and drop proof capabilities to boot.

Tech21 Galaxy S8 cases

Inexpensive and get the job done

Understated designs and cheap prices
Won't add any more flavor to your phone's look

There are six Samsung Galaxy S8 cases from Tech21, with the cheapest being the Pure Clear case and three Evo cases: Evo Active Edition, Evo Check, and Evo Tactical. Tech21’s two card-carrying cases are more more expensive, the Evo Wallet folio case and Evo Go case that has a trap door for your card carrying needs.

Spigen Slim Armor CS case

Protection and function

 Handy card storage
 Serious protection 
Limited wallet space

If you want your Galaxy S8 protected, the Spigen Slim Armor CS case will do the job. Soft and hard plastics combine to keep the phone safe from falls. Even though it’s a bit bulky, it can save you some pocket space by carrying two cards, so you may not need to always bring a wallet everywhere you go.

Caseowl 2-in-1 Wallet case

Full wallet replacement

Plentiful card slots
Classy look
Fake leather

This case can fully replace most wallets, more card storage than anyone should reasonably need. It has nine card slots and three cash slots, so you can keep this case loaded with ways to pay. And if you use Samsung Pay, keeping your phone in this case will mean it’s holding one more payment method.

Maxboost Wallet case

A slim wallet case for the minimalist

Slim and chic
Magnetic clasp
No cash holder

For anyone looking to ditch the wallet and carry just a few cards around with their Galaxy S8, the Maxboost Wallet Case is a good fit. It fits the phone into a simple holder, and closes up folio-style. The card slots are perfect for a credit card, debit card and license.

Ocase leather flip wallet

A wallet and a case in one

Front and back protection
Card and cash storage
Basic phone holder

The leather flip wallet case from Ocase will offer you protection for the Galaxy S8 while also letting you store multiple credit cards and cash. It includes a magnetic clasp to help it stay closed, and has the necessary cutouts for you to use your camera and fingerprint scanner. There are a variety of color options, and even models with a detachable phone holders.

See the Ocase leather flip wallet case at Amazon here.

Zizo Bolt

Military-grade protection

Serious protection
Great price
Covers Samsung's design

Enjoying Samsung's visual design and protecting it from destruction are hard to balance. The Zizo Bolt Galaxy S8 case leans heavily in favor of the latter. It features multi-layer protection and a screen protector to make sure a simple accident won't  do serious damage. Most importantly, it offers military-grade drop certification to protect your Galaxy S8 from up to 12-foot falls.

See the Zizo Bolt case on Amazon here.

We’ll continue to update this page with more cases as they become available to us.