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3D printer deals: get the best price on a 3D printer for Black Friday 2020

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

Check out our best 3D printers feature, and you'll see our top picks, but alongside these phenomenal machines are countless others that offer incredible value for money. 

3D print technology is rocketing forward, and with each new development and innovation, older machines drop significantly in price. While FFF printers have lead the field for years, the recent emergence of cheap SLA printers now makes this incredible new technology available at the cheaper end of the market. 

This mix of choice and technology makes it a buyers market, especially as we head into this year's Black Friday. But what are those choices and which type of printer is best suited to your needs? 

FFF printers remain the most popular format. They use molten plastic filament, which is extruded through a nozzle to build a model layer by layer. These printers are affordable and reliable, making them perfect for those just starting. 

SLA printers utilise a photosensitive resin which is exposed layer by layer to create the final model. This type of printer enables you to print far more complex and detailed prints, but takes more time to set up and involves more processes and mess. 

Here we offer you a curated list of printers selected for a balance of features and price. 

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The best 3D printer deals for Black Friday 2020

Original Prusa Mini | £339.85 / $422.29 

Original Prusa Mini | £339.85 / $422.29 

PRUSA Research has created their entry-level model with a high quality 0.4mm E3D hotend, 32-bit control board and easy to understand workflow. This small printer is ideally suited to those just starting as well as experienced users. 

Crazy 3D Print CZ-300|

Crazy 3D Print CZ-300| €350 down to €220 37% Off  

The Crazy3D Print CZ-300 is a solid performer with simple and easy to use features and a huge 300 x 300 x 300mm build area. At this price, some things are a little basic, such as the clips that hold on the glass build plate and the manual bed levelling.

AnyCubic Mega Pro |

AnyCubic Mega Pro | $349 down to $299 

One of a growing number of dual-use machines the Mega Pro is both 3D printer and laser cutter. Swapping between functions is well thought out, and a quick swap of the head and build plate is all that's needed to switch from cutting to building. 

Creality Ender 5 Pro | £294 / $382

Creality Ender 5 Pro | £294 / $382

Creality have come a long way to ensure that they now produce some of the most reliable printers on the market. The Ender has long been a firm favourite with those that like to tinker with their machines, and there's plenty of scope to customise and upgrade. 

Labists ET4 3D Printer |  

Labists ET4 3D Printer |  $279  down to $249 10% off

Unbelievably solid for the price and while it may not be the quietest printer out there when it comes to precision and reliability. The ET4 features auto levelling, print resume, filament detection and wide material compatibility.

XYZ Printing Mini Series | £202 / $259

XYZ Printing Mini Series | £202 / $259

The design of the Mini-Series is small enough to pack away neatly on a shelf or is portable enough to take with you. XYZ Printing's years of experience in the entry and education markets shows with simple and easy to understand software and use. 

EasyThreed FDM Mini 3D | $223 

EasyThreed FDM Mini 3D | $223 

Unlike many other cheap 3D printers, the design is all in one, making it easy to move and transport. Designed with simplicity at its heart it features one-button printing and uses widely available PLA filament; windows are optional to keep out dogs and children. 


ANET A8 PLUS | $459 down to $249 save 45% 

The latest A8 Plus is their largest printer to date with an incredible 300 x 300 x 350mm build area. It's a simple design and if set up correctly can produce great prints, but does need some expertise to keep up that quality. 

AnyCubic Photon Mono |

AnyCubic Photon Mono | $269 down to $246 save 8% 

Using LCD-Based SLA technology, this machine is ideally suited for anyone who wants to print finely detailed items such as jewellery or models. There's still the mess of resin, but you won't be disappointed with the quality. 

Alfawise U30 |

Alfawise U30 | £227/$291 down to £160/$205 save 9% 

The U30 does require some assembly, but with a simple design and plenty of documentation online, that construction should be easy enough for any level of user. The quality of prints will solely rely on how well you build it.

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