How to watch the Premier League 2016/17 season

It's worth noting that you can't get BT Sport on Now TV.

Freesat (and Freeview)

You can't get Sky or BT on FreeSat - although you can get a 'Freesat from Sky' card and suitable box that allows you to subscribe to Sky Sports.

You can't get BT Sports or Now TV on Freeview boxes.

Watch Premier League highlights at home.

But Andre Gray is a brilliant striker

With the BBC showing highlights, almost every package you can think of will give you access to some form of Premier League action - although you should be paying a licence fee to be watching of course. Every major platform carries the BBC channel, and even streaming boxes like Now TV, Roku carry the BBC iPlayer which allows for streaming and, after a few days, catchup.

If you have Sky or BT channels on your platform and a subscription then you will have access to highlights through their Sports offerings.

Watch Premier League live when you are out and about

And they're pretty solid at the back, as long as we keep Michael Keane

Visit a pub

Yeah, you have to buy drinks - but you might find that going out to your local to watch the matches you absolutely have to watch saves you money, especially if it's just the odd game that catches your fancy.

On your tablet, phone and laptop

And we were pretty special last season

There are various apps that will give you access to live Premier League matches. Although it's pretty obvious, remember that watching video is data intensive so you might end up with a big bill unless you're on WiFi or have a big data allowance.

To watch Sky's live games you will need a subscription to Sky Sports and the right app.

For Sky Q subscribers then the Sky Q app will allow you to stream games, although you might need to use the Sky Go app if you want to use your phone / laptop.

For Sky+ subscribers - then you can use the Sky Go app.

Sky Sports

For BT Vision and Virgin Media subscribers you will need a subscription to Sky Sports and then to download the Sky Go app .

For Now TV users - you will need to have paid for a Sky Sports package and then download and use the Now TV app.

To watch BT Sport's live games you will need a BT Sport subscription and the BT Sport app.

If you are a BT Mobile customer you have BT Sport app and access included as part of your package. If you subscribe to EE then you will get six months free.

Watch Premier League goals on Twitter / App

You can now watch many Premier League goals on Twitter - just follow @skyfootball. The Sky Sports Football Score Centre App will also be given a huge video-led makeover and even non-subscribers (when they sign up for free with an email) will have access to a percentage of the videos.

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