How to pre-order the SNES Mini Classic Edition

Update: Nintendo sent SNES Mini units out to the press a month ahead of the official launch for preview and video content, which had us thinking we'd see a fresh wave of SNES Mini pre-orders. Low and behold, SNES Classic Mini pre-orders began at 10am PT on August 22 across several retailers.

As you'd expect, many of the retailers sold out of pre-order stock in seconds. 

But don't lose hope just yet - like the NES Classic, the SNES Classic pre-orders will likely replenish once or twice more before the console comes out on Sep. 29. 

Below, we've rounded up SNES Classic product pages for each of the major American retailers: Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Target and ThinkGeek. Check back with each one periodically and you might find yourself in the possession of a coveted SNES Classic Mini pre-order. Best of luck on your hunt!

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SNES Classic Mini pre-orders have been opening and closing like a shutter in a storm and though some lucky few have one secured, there are many, many more still looking to get their hands on one.   

If you're part of the vast majority who missed the small window of opportunity on August 22, don't worry – there are plenty more opportunities to pre-order an SNES Classic Mini before the system comes out on September 29 2017.

Before we divulge the juicy details on where you can find a place to plunk down your cash, however, let's get a few tips and facts out of the way.

The first tip is that, to aid in your searches throughout the net, there are several different names that the SNES Mini is known by that you'll want to try: SNES Classic, Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System (catchy) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. 

Considering the NES Classic was eventually referred to as NES Mini we're going to refer to the system as the SNES Mini for this one. 

While potential owners have expressed their dismay at Nintendo's inability to produce enough models for everyone, Nintendo has claimed that it's doing everything it can to keep production high. 

If you're a serious nostalgia hunter and are dead-set on getting an SNES Classic revisit this page frequently as we'll be regularly updating this post, keeping you on top of the SNES Mini situation as the stores come in and out of stock.

How to pre-order in the UK:

Currently the below retailers are out of stock but this is where you will be able to pre-order once they get more.

Game UK is a reputable retailer with an excellent reward scheme, so if you're a keen gamer, it makes sense to but through Game.

For a short period Amazon had stock, and it reduced its price from £79.99 to £69.99 following the Nintendo site's lead. It is now out of stock again, should that change we'll let you know. 

Naturally Nintendo has stock of its own console, and what's more, it was selling the device for £10 cheaper than the other websites. It is now saying that it's out of stock, but should anything change we'll let you know.

Another retailer to make its stock available for pre-order was Very UK. It has since sold out but it's worth checking back now and again to see if it becomes available as retailers appear to be announcing availability in batches. 

Argos is the most recent retailer to make pre-orders available and it's matched Nintendo's £69.99 price point. 

How to pre-order in Australia:

The first retailer to make stocks available in Australia was EB Games, but the devices have already sold out, despite strictly limiting purchases to one per customer.

JB Hi-Fi is also limiting purchases to only one per person, and there currently seems to be stock available for pre-order. So if you want one, get in quick before the retailer runs out as well. 

How to pre-order in the US:

Many of the US's top retailers opened up pre-orders on August 22, 2017 – some just minutes after the clock struck midnight. For those lucky enough to be awake during those wee hours of the night and were aware that the deals had launched were able to grab a pre-order. Talk about dumb luck. 

For those who, you know, actually slept that night, the top retailers gave everyone fair warning that pre-orders would re-open at 10 a.m. 

Any guesses what happened when they did? They sold out within minutes. 

OK, while it's easy to fall into a pit of despair and anger at Nintendo's refusal to take our money, all hope is not lost – it's very likely that the retailers will re-open pre-orders at least one more time before the system comes out on Sep. 29. 

To make things a bit easier in your hunt for the new-old system, here are the links to the product pages on each of the major retailers:

If online shopping isn't your bag, GameStop physical stores are also taking pre-orders, though you'll need to put down a $25 deposit to secure yours. (Though, just be aware that they'll likely say they're out of stock.) 

When the console finally hits stores, the SNES Mini will be $79.99 in the US.

The second hand pre-order

If the NES Mini is anything to go by you will want to pre-order one, other wise you will get caught up in the Ebay market of people selling them for a massive markup. In fact, ComicBook have already noticed SNES Mini listings for $300

As we get more information about the status of stocks we will let you know.

Andrew London

Andrew London is a writer at Velocity Partners. Prior to Velocity Partners, he was a staff writer at Future plc.