15 Automator and AppleScripts You Can’t Live Without

2. Simple Task Launcher

3. Mark All Emails As Read

Yes, we wish we could just have this script run all of the time.

Ahh… that’s better: Inbox at 0.

After running this script, your inbox will return to peace at 0 unread e-mails. If you have a few hundred e-mails, like us, this script could take a few seconds to mark all of your e-mails as read.

4. Print Daily iCal Agenda

Paper may be on its way out, but when we have a busy agenda scheduled, sometimes we like to have a hard copy for reference. However, you can save a few steps when printing an iCal daily agenda with this AppleScript:

tell application "iCal"
view calendar at (my (current date))
switch view to day view
tell application "System Events"
keystroke "p" using command down
delay 1 -- (seconds)
keystroke return
delay 2 -- (seconds)
keystroke return
end tell
end tell

Add that script to the AppleScript Editor and click the Run button. iCal will open to the current date and will print a daily agenda using your default printer. You can save this as an application and have it run at login so that you always have a print copy of your daily agenda.

5. Auto-Save Pages Documents

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