10 essential tech projects for the weekend

10 essential tech projects for the weekend

It's the weekend once again, and if you're thinking about what to do then we've got some great projects that you can get cracking on to help you get more out of your gadgets.

With these projects you'll find some new – and surprising – ways to use the tech you already own, so why not spend a few hours this weekend reconnecting with the technology in your home?

Get the most out of your Mac

Macs are awesome machines, but sometimes we forget just how much they can do. This weekend make sure you're getting the most out of your Mac by refreshing your memory with our list of 13 things you forgot your Mac could do.

10 essential tech projects for the weekend

Fix things that annoy you about your Mac

You know we just said Macs are awesome machines? Well, they certainly are, but they're not perfect. There are a few niggles that bug us when we're using Mac OS X, and this weekend is the perfect time to straighten them out with our guide on how to fix Mac OS X annoyances.

10 essential tech projects for the weekend

Find out all the cool things you can do with the LG G5

This week was dominated by MWC 2016, and one of the devices that stood out at the show was the LG G5, which boasts some interesting new features such as modular components that enable you to mix and match add-ons to build the ideal smartphone.

The handset isn't out just yet, but we've already put together some LG G5 tips and tricks to help whet your appetite and introduce you to the cool features if you're thinking of picking one up.

10 essential tech projects for the weekend

Explore the Samsung Galaxy S7

Another standout device at MWC was the Samsung Galaxy S7, and while it's not quite as ground-breaking as the LG G5, Samsung has weaved its magic to create what possibly could be the best smartphone ever made.

Our Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks guide looks at some of the coolest things the Galaxy S7 can do ahead of its launch next month.

Safely clean Windows 10's registry

Cleaning the Windows registry can be a tricky process, but it can help improve the performance of PCs that are feeling a little slow or long in the tooth.

Our how to safely clean Windows 10's registry guide takes you through all the steps of fixing registry problems in an easy to understand way, so you can safely make changes without worrying about screwing up Windows.

Stop worrying about different passwords

With the increasing number of services we sign up to online we're often left having to memorise a range of complicated passwords.

Instead of repeatedly using the same password for all your accounts – which can be a security risk – we show you how you can use iCloud Keychain on Mac OS X and iOS devices to protect all your information quickly, easily and securely.

10 essential tech projects for the weekend

Control your Raspberry Pi using WhatsApp

The beauty of the Raspberry Pi is that it's a tiny PC that can be stashed away almost anywhere – but that does also mean you're not always able to attach a monitor to it to see crucial information.

In our how to control a Raspberry Pi using WhatsApp tutorial we show you how you can get around that issue by using the popular WhatsApp messaging app to chat to your Raspberry Pi, to find out useful things such as its temperature and disk space.

Use Windows 10 on a tablet

Got a Windows 10 tablet? Or maybe a hybrid device that converts a standard laptop into a tablet-like touchscreen device? Then make sure you know all about using Windows 10's Tablet Mode.

Put another operating system on your Mac

If you've got a Mac but fancy giving Windows 10 or Linux a go, then check out our guide to dual booting your Mac with the built-in Boot Camp software. You may be surprised how easy it is – and it'll make your Mac even more flexible when it comes to running software, games and apps.

Get the most out of mobile data when your broadband goes down

Hopefully you won't be without broadband this weekend, but it's a good time to check out our guide on how to get the most out of mobile data when your broadband goes down, to make sure you've got a contingency plan in case your ISP goes belly-up for a few hours.

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