Samsung's high-tech FamilyHub refrigerator is $1,900 off for Memorial Day

Samsung Bespoke FamilyHub Refrigerator
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Sure, no one probably needs a vertical TV built into a fridge, but Samsung has been pushing this idea for years with its smart-infused FamilyHub Refrigerators. And now, for this year's Memorial Day sales, the technology giant is sweetening the deal by knocking $1,900 off the price and tossing in a 2-year extended warranty for just $1, which alone is a 99% discount.

Now, you may be wondering if these smart features come in handy or if having AI in your refrigerator is actually helpful. Well, I’ve spent some time with Samsung’s Bespoke 4-Door Flex AI FamilyHub Refrigerator and am sharing three reasons why it’s at least worth considering. 

One, the push to open doors is very useful. Whether your hands are full after a trip home from the grocery store or just cleaning up, it’s much easier to simply slide your hand in between the bottom of the fridge door and the top of the freezer door to have it softly pop open. You can easily toss in perishables or even a heavy juice jug. 

Two, normal refrigerator controls are now smart in that they can be controlled from the FamilyHub touchscreen – aka the vertical TV on the left door of the fridge – or via the SmartThings app. Whether you need to adjust the temperature for the refrigerator on top or enable “PowerFreeze,” which gets the temperature down much faster.

Memorial Day deal: Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex AI FamilyHub Refrigerator: $5,015 $3,200 at Samsung

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex AI FamilyHub Refrigerator: was $5,015 now $3,200 at Samsung
Samsung's latest Bespoke 4-Door Flex AI FamilyHub Refrigerator impresses with two auto-open top doors and built-in cameras to see what is inside and to let you easily see the doors. The temperature for the fridge and freezer can be controlled from afar via the SmartThings app. For Memorial Day, it's $1,900 off, and you can get an extended warranty for $1. 

Third, the onboard cameras are by no means a necessity, and some other cheaper Samsung refrigerators offer them, but it makes it feel like this fridge from the twenty-first century. You can easily see what you have in the left or right door, potentially a spot where you keep frequently used drinks or condiments, or even a favorite snack. It’s also especially helpful if you’re out grocery shopping, and need to take a peek at home. As far as the AI-infused experience goes, it will get smarter with time but for now it will try to match and properly identify the food you’re putting inside of it – mostly for fruits and veggies now. 

Asides from these three, the FamilyHub refrigerator is also very much a fridge, able to keep foods at proper temperatures and also with the ability to produce not just one, but two types of ice – typical cubes and what Samsung calls “ice bites.” There is also a water pitcher that will automatically fill, and even have a spot to infuse it. 

As part of the Memorial Day savings event, Samsung’s taking $1,900 off the new for 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex AI FamilyHub Refrigerator. That brings the cost down to $3,200 from $5,015, and you can toss a 2-year warranty on it for just $1. Now, that’s still not super affordable, but if you’ve been eyeing one and don't want it to break the bank as much, that’s a sizable discount on Samsung’s latest smart refrigerator.

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