Philips Hue brightens up your January with new outdoor and indoor lights

Philips Dymera outside house
(Image credit: Signify/Philips Hue)

Smart home lighting brand Signify will be launching new lighting fixtures under the Philip Hue name to help you personalize the outside and inside of your house.

Chief among these is the Dymera, a device that goes up on a wall emitting two beams of light from the top and bottom. Both sides can be configured individually so you can have the top light shine in color while the bottom one emits white light. Signify states users can configure the fixture’s brightness level via the Philip Hue mobile app. It’s also on the app where you can adjust the color of the lighting as well as set scenes via the gallery section. 

These are distinct lighting arrays and can, for example, be used to have the device’s beams slowly transition from one shade of color to another. Philips offers a variety of pre-made scenes on its website or you can make your own to suit your needs.

Philips Hue Dymera profile

(Image credit: Signify/Phillips Hue)

Notable features include support for Bluetooth connectivity as well as a resistance rating of IP44 allowing it to handle splashes of water with ease. 

Illuminating the homestead

Alongside the Dymera is the new Philip Hue Secure floodlight camera. Unfortunately, we don’t know a whole lot about the Secure model as Signify is keeping its cards close to its chest. The company did tell us it will be powerful enough to illuminate your backyard, patio, or driveway in a variety of colors from bright white to red. Initial images of the Secure device show it consists of a floodlight sitting on top of an outdoor camera. 

There is a catch with this model. You will need to own a Philips Hue Bridge to use it. 

Philips Hue Secure floodlight camera

(Image credit: Signify/Philips Hue)

The last announced fixtures are accessories. They’re called Perifo T connector and the Perifo flexible connector. As their names suggest, the pair is meant to support the rail lights from the Perifo series.

The Perifo T, as you can probably guess, is a T-shaped rail going off in three different directions, giving homeowners a way to illuminate the darkest corners of a room. The Perifo flexible connector, on the other hand, consists of two separate rails connected by a cable. This option will let you string lights together in any shape you want. That way, you can get around those tricky corners.

Philips Hue Perifo lights with the new tracks

(Image credit: Signify/Philips Hue)


It appears these lights will come out in the UK first. 

The Secure floodlight is available right now at £299.99. A few weeks after that, the Perifo flexible connector will be released on February 6 for £29.99. The Dymera has a launch date of February 27. It’ll cost you £199.99. Lastly is the Perifo T connector. It’s slated for a Q1 2024 launch at £34.99 a pop. An exact date was not given.

It’s unknown exactly when Signify will roll out these products in the US or EU, but we do know it’ll happen. Tech news site NotebookCheck managed to discover American and European listings for the Dymera. The outdoor fixture will retail for $219.99 and €219.99, respectively. A release date was not given, however, you can sign up for email notifications for when it eventually goes on sale.

We scoured the Philips Hue website for listings on the other products but sadly came up with nothing. So we reached out to Signify asking for more details. This story will be updated at a later time.

Until then, be sure to read TechRadar's list of the best smart home devices for 2024.

Update 1-23-2024: A company representative got back to us with more information regarding the availability of the Philips Hue lights in the US. The Dymera will indeed retail for $219.99 while the Secure floodlight will have a price tag of $399.99. Both are slated to launch on February 27.

Both Perifo connectors will cost $34.99 although they're release dates differ. The Perifo flexible connector rolls out on April 16, and the T-shaped Perifo model will also launch in April 2024 although an exact date was not given.

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