Emma mattresses are super cheap in the Black Friday sales, but are they any good?

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Emma Sleep has become one of the most popular mattress brands in the UK. Thanks to Emma's regular sales, both the hybrid and all-foam mattresses are affordable choices – but are they actually any good?

Our sleep experts have had plenty of time to get up close and personal with the Emma mattress range. The good news is, we rate them among the best mattresses, especially for their price range. They aren't perfect – edge support is a problem across the range, and the soft surface won't suit everyone – but each mattress has enough good points to earn at least four stars from us.

Emma mattress sales run throughout the year, but this is an excellent time to buy as the Black Friday mattress deals are offering big savings across the range. So, are Emma mattresses any good? Read on for our expert opinion...

We're focusing on the UK range here, but Emma also sells in the US. The US range is slightly different, but the affordable designs have been well received and Emma is fast becoming a name to take notice of. In the US, there's up to 58% off in the Black Friday sale.

Are Emma mattresses any good?

Emma makes a range of mattresses, but here are some qualities that are found across the models. Emma mattresses are good at providing cushioned support and a cradling comfort at an affordable price. The hybrid models have excellent temperature control, although the all-foam Emma Original can get a little hot. All Emma mattresses have strong motion isolation, but edge support is a slight issue for all styles.

That's the general picture, but read on to discover what we thought of each mattress in the Emma Sleep range.

The Emma Original mattress on a bed in a bedroom

The Emma Original is a popular all-foam mattress (Image credit: Emma Sleep)

Is the Emma Original mattress any good?

The Emma Original is a comfortable all-foam mattress that provides excellent value for money. In our Emma Original mattress review, we were impressed with how the medium firmness sleep surface cradles the body while providing support. We rate it highly for side sleepers. We also like the motion isolation. When one person tosses and turns, their partner won't feel it.

However, the edge support is less impressive – bad news for anyone who uses the mattress to push out of bed. Temperature regulation is also a slight issue. Hot sleepers might find themselves overheating.

Is the Emma NextGen Premium mattress any good?

In our Emma NextGen Premium mattress review, our tester was impressed with the breathability of the hybrid mattress. The layer of pocket springs helps air circulate, keeping the mattress cool. Our tester found the combination of springs and foam provided a supportive sleep surface with a gentle contouring comfort.

However, there are some issues with the NextGen Premium. The edge support is weak and while the motion isolation isn't bad, it could be a problem for couples on different sleep schedules. And it's worth noting that although Emma describes the mattress as 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, we founded it firmer than that.

Can't decide between the two most budget friendly Emma options? See how they stack up with our Emma Original vs NextGen Premium mattress showdown.

Is the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress any good?

The Thermosync technology used in the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress doesn't just sound cool – it keeps you cool. Our tester was highly impressed with the temperature regulation during our Emma Luxe Cooling mattress review, avoiding sweaty nights even during a heatwave.

Our tester was also impressed with the mattresses motion isolation, and found the cushioned surface provided a comfortable sleep surface. However, the edge control was poor, and the super softness won't be for everyone. But if you want a foam 'hug' that doesn't get stuffy, this is a great choice.

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