Oura’s new Pregnancy Insights feature is a step in the right direction for women’s health monitoring

Oura Smart Ring Pregnancy Insights feature
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Oura has just marked another step in its commitment to advancing women’s health monitoring with the rollout of a new feature called Pregnancy Insights. The feature was launched on March 12 and is described by Oura as “the first feature on an exciting women’s health roadmap” for the best smart ring

Pregnancy Insights is the newest feature to join Oura’s growing line of women’s health functions available only on the Oura Generation 3. The feature will provide pregnant users with more context on how and when bodily changes occur during different stages of pregnancy. We’ve credited Oura for being one of the best fitness trackers out there, and its new Pregnancy Insights reaffirms its position on our list. 

Its unique approach to data gathering allows Pregnancy Insights to give mothers-to-be a thorough pregnancy journey overview. The feature can track your gestational age (how far along in the pregnancy you are) giving you weekly updates on the physiological changes your body may go through, including your sleep patterns and heart rate. 

With Pregnancy Insights, Oura’s approach to wellbeing monitoring combines data gathering with educational content, so that your data is given more context all the while offering comparisons to what other pregnant users may experience. Instead of solely using the data to track changes in your body, Pregnancy Insights provides in-app educational resources such as how your vitals or sleep patterns will change. 

Oura app pregnancy features

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Behind the smarts of Pregnancy Insights is women’s health product manager at Oura Dr. Neta Gotlieb, who led the development of the new feature. For her, the goal was simple; “to equip our pregnant members to better know their bodies and take care of their health accordingly”, she said in a recent blog post.

While the feature isn’t the first on the Oura Ring to prioritize women’s health, it’s a neat addition to the wearable that shows women’s health tracking is becoming widely explored in smart rings. Just a few months back Movano announced its women-first smart ring Evie at CES 2024, with a feature that tracks menstrual cycles using AI.

But it’s not just smart rings that are making women’s health a priority in wearable tech. In 2022 Apple added fertility tracking to the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, and early last year, Samsung caught on and added a key cycle tracking feature to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

Alongside its Cycle Insights and partnerships with Natural Cycles and Glow, Pregnancy Insights is the next stage in Oura’s dedication to improving women’s health features in tech. With Pregnancy Insights, Oura could be on the money for sparking a trend in pregnancy-related features across wearable devices.

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