Catch these 3 great movies on Netflix before they leave at the end of May

Galaxy Quest still showing Tim Allen grabbing Alan Rickman on a sci-fi ship
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With the end of May rapidly approaching, it isn’t long until Netflix removes another batch of movies and TV shows to make way for a new slate of content. If you’ve not had a chance to watch everything leaving Netflix in May, then there’s still time to catch three great movies before they get cut at the end of the month.   

While it’s a shame to be saying goodbye to these great movies, we’ve handpicked three that we think are absolutely worth watching before they get booted off the streaming platform on May 31. They may not all be among our best Netflix movies, but these classics are still a great watch.         

It’s too soon to yet reveal which movies and TV shows will be leaving the world’s best streaming service in June, but keep an eye out on our coverage and we’ll be sure to get you up to speed with what’s good to watch. 

My Girl 

A ‘90s classic, My Girl is about a young girl living in Pennsylvania. It is set during the summer of 1972 at a funeral home, which doubles as her family home, and is about how she turns to her best friend for support when her widowed father starts dating someone new.

Similar to the coming-of-age classic Stand by Me, the film explores themes such as grief and loss in a touching way that will most definitely have you reaching for a tissue. The film has held up well to this day, which is testament to its sweet but sad story.

This isn’t the first time that Netflix has streamed My Girl – it was added in 2016, 2020, 2021 and 2022 – and won’t likely be the last. If you’re in the US and UK, you can still rent the film on Apple TV. For those in Australia, it’s still available to stream on Stan.  

The Edge of Seventeen 

This is another coming-of-age story that may have gone unnoticed during its release in 2016, but that is highly rated – it has a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, who is behind the recently released (and excellent) Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. 

Given the rave reviews that her most recent work is receiving, we’re starting to think that Craig could be this generation’s John Hughes in the making – whose teen comedies (Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink) are often regarded as some of the best of all time. 

For those that haven’t seen it, The Edge of Seventeen is about a high-school student exploring the pitfalls of adolescence. From family grief to friendship feuds, the movie packs a lot into 104 minutes of screen time. 

Despite it being kicked off Netflix, DirecTV and Sling will still stream the movie in the US. The movie will also still be available to stream on Prime Video in the UK and Australia, as well as Stan for those located in the latter. 

Galaxy Quest

When it comes to comedy spoofs, Galaxy Quest is one of the all-time greats. The film stars Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shaloub and Tim Allen, who play a fictional cast from a Star Trek-like sci-fi show, who suddenly find themselves in a real interstellar conflict with aliens. It's genuinely hilarious no matter whether you're a Star Trek fan or not – it's just playing with the tropes to tell a story about washed-up actors finding their camaraderie again.

The movie has only been made available three times on Netflix, which makes its departure even more frustrating for fans. But with rumors circulating that Paramount is working on a TV adaption of the film, according to Deadline, there could be more to look forward to.

You’ll still be able to watch this classic elsewhere though. If you’re in the US, the movie will be available on Paramount Plus and Hoopla. You’ll also be able to stream it on Stan in Australia, while those in the UK can rent it from Apple TV.

Don't forget to keep your eye on our guide to the latest new Netflix movies to see what's being added to replace these movies!

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