Snatch up a cheap pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones while you can

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Grabbing yourself a pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones can be a great idea if you're searching for a more immersive audio experience, but the luxury they offer can come at a price. But thanks to these great Amazon deals you can grab a pair of the Philips PH805 cans without breaking the bank, while scoring yourself a great pair of over-ear headphones.

At Amazon US you can snatch the Philips PH805 headphones for $72.25 (opens in new tab) (their lowest ever price at the online retailer). Meanwhile, Amazon UK has them on sale for £86 (opens in new tab) – though we have seen them cheaper before here (they were just £70 very recently), so you might want to hold off if you're happy to wait a little longer.

If you really are desperate for some new headphones, you could also check out our roundup of the best cheap headphones deals you can find online today.

(Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for the best Philips PH805 prices in your region.)

Today's best wireless headphones deals

Philips PH805 wireless headphones: $89.97 (opens in new tab)

Philips PH805 wireless headphones: $89.97 $72.25 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $17.25 –
These brilliant Philips headphones come with active noise cancellation, up to 30 hours of battery life, and Bluetooth 5 connectivity – and at this price, they're a bargain.

Philips PH805 wireless headphones: £159.99 (opens in new tab)

Philips PH805 wireless headphones: £159.99 £88.55 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £64.63 –
Despite this low price, you're getting all the specs you'd want from a pair of wireless headphones with the PH805, including active noise cancellation, a long battery life, and fantastic connectivity.

In our Philips PH805 review, we gave the headphones a near-perfect score thanks to their impressive sound quality and value for money – so thanks to these deals' further savings, you'll be getting a real bargain.

While you can get more from some of the best noise-cancelling headphones out there, you'll find that PH805 offer an impressive build quality and great audio performance despite their price tag. Plus the battery life is impressive, too, coming in at 30 hours with ANC turned off. 

The only major disappointment is the strength of the active noise cancellation. Something like the Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones perform considerably better, but also cost significantly more. If you're content with simply blocking out environmental sound the Phillips PH805 will do just fine.

Not in the US or UK? We've scoured the web for the best Philips PH805 prices in every region:

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