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Razer huntsman elite
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Over the years, Razer has made some of our favorite gaming peripherals. From gaming keyboards like the Razer Huntsman Elite to headsets like the Razer Kraken, the green-themed manufacturer has created some excellent products. And, luckily, if you want to get some green LEDs in your life, all of Razer's best stuff is on sale on Amazon Prime Day

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Whether you're trying to become the next big twitch streamer, or you just want some reliable gaming equipment, there are enough gaming peripheral deals to go around. 

We'll go ahead and list all the actual gaming equipment first. For our money, we'd say the Razer Naga Trinity and the Razer Huntsman are the best deals, but you could totally go for the Razer Lancehead or Razer Deathadder Elite if you just need an affordable gaming mouse

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition $79$34 at Amazon

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition $79 $34 at Amazon
If you're looking for a gaming mouse for esports, you want something simple but elegant. The Razer Lancehead fits the bill, providing a stable gaming experience that looks just as good. A healthy 56% off makes it even more tempting. 

Razer Deathadder Elite $69 $34 at Amazon

Razer Deathadder Elite $69 $34 at Amazon
The Razer Deathadder Elite is straight up one of the most beloved PC gaming peripherals of all time, and for good reason. It's simple, reliable, and looks pretty damn good. And, when it's just $34 on Amazon Prime Day, this mouse is mighty tempting. 

Razer Naga Trinity $99$54 at Amazon

Razer Naga Trinity $99 $54 at Amazon
The Razer Naga Trinity is one of our all-time favorite gaming mice, because it's so flexible. Whether you're playing an MMO, a MOBA or even an FPS, it can swap out its sideplate to perfectly complement your game. Plus, it's only $54 on Prime Day.

Razer Huntsman $149$99 at Amazon

Razer Huntsman $149 $99 at Amazon
The Razer Huntsman is a unique, but amazing, gaming keyboard packed with opto-mechanical switches that use the power of light to power you through your games. And, at just $99 for Amazon Prime Day, this gaming keyboard is a steal.

Finally, if you're a big streamer, the Razer Kiyo and Razer Seiren X should be essential purchases. This is a pro-level webcam and microphone, respectively, that makes streaming easier for everyone. The Kiyo has a light ring that makes professional-looking video easy, while the Razer Seiren X will cut out any noise that you don't want bleeding into your stream. 

Razer Kiyo $99$69 at Amazon

Razer Kiyo $99 $69 at Amazon
The Razer Kiyo is one of the best webcams for anyone looking to get into streaming. Not only does it record and stream in high definition, but the built-in light ring means you can spend less time in setup. This Prime Day deal is even better.

Razer Seiren X $99 $69 at Amazon

Razer Seiren X $99 $69 at Amazon
To get into streaming, you'll need a reliable mic, luckily Razer has delivered. The Razer Seiren X will cancel out any noise you don't want, while boosting the sound you do. And, with a whopping 30% off for Amazon Prime Day, now's the time.

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