Best iPhone XR cases


There's a reason you picked the iPhone XR over its higher-end siblings, the iPhone XS and XS Max. While the others are a bit more svelte and have higher-resolution screens, the XR is more affordable, bringing the signature flagship iPhone features to more users. Now you'll want to protect that investment with a nice case.

We've rounded up the best cases for Apple's new, less pricey flagship smartphone, ranging from simple wraparound layers to fully-armored sheaths of plastic and rubber. Some, of course, aim to make your phone look good, but they should offer some protection to boot.

Keep reading for our top picks for ensuring your iPhone XR keeps looking just like it did the moment you took it out of the box. While we haven't tried each of these yet, we've assembled a cornucopia of cases.

Apple iPhone XR clear case

If you absolutely must have a first-party case, here it is. The only Apple-brand case for the iPhone XR on the company site (aside from the $129 battery case, that is), this clear case does what it says on the tin: protects your phone without covering up its sweet looks.

At $39, this is one of the most expensive cases on this list. You're paying for the brand, baby! But if that's important to you, pick up Apple's official iPhone XR clear case here.

Speck Presidio

Speck's Presidio line has simple designs with added functionality, perfect if you don't need to fuss around with your case. 

We especially like the Presidio Grip for getting a bit more handle on your phone, but there are also folio and wallet cases if you want a little bit extra for just a bit higher price.

The Speck Presidio line is available on Speck's website store, with cases starting at $40 (£30 / AU$55).

Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox is the only case company that Apple promotes on its site instead of listing its own cases, which is recommendation enough. The brand is known for protecting phones from accidental drops and scuffing. 

The Symmetry line has several design styles, from artsy patterns to pop culture specials. Our favorite are the Star Wars cases, but there are a couple Disney and nature-themed ones, too. Find all of Otterbox's Symmetry series iPhone XR cases here starting at $40 (around £30, AU$55).

Special mention to a a stylish mostly-clear case with a strip of leather on the bottom that you won't find on Otterbox's catalogue - it's only sold on Apple's site

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Starting at $12, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is undoubtedly the least expensive case on our list. Going by reviews, people are happy with this baseline case.

Spigen's case comes in clear, color-outlined or solid hues, so you've got options. The case folds up and over the edge of the phone, so you won't have to worry about lack of coverage.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is available on Amazon for a discounted $12 (£9, AU$16) for the clear model, with colored options costing a couple bucks more.

Wilken iPhone XR Leather Wallet

Wilken has a cowhide leather case for the iPhone XR, and it looks rather handsome with nice stitching and a clip to keep it closed. It comes in typical leather colors: light
tan, seasoned brown, solid red and black with red stitching.

The case flips open, folio-style, to reveal four pockets, one with a see-through window for an ID. You can even fold it back to make an impromptu stand when you're watching media.

The Wilken iPhone XR Leather Wallet retails for $55 (£42, AU$76) on Amazon.

Greenwich Folio Collection

If you're looking for a higher-end case, look no further. The luxury British accessories brand Greenwich has its own iPhone XR case line.

The line comes in traditional leather in multiple colors as well as the suede-like Alcantara material. The inner cover of these folio cases is lined with carbon fiber to absorb impacts and protect the screen alongside its gunmetal edges. There's even a hidden magnetic plate to mount it on your car dash.

The basic leather folio case starts at $129 (£98, AU$178) on Greenwich's website, though other models have more features (including card slots) for higher prices.

Gear4 iPhone XR cases

The Gear4 Victoria cases for iPhone XR are aimed at owners who want their phones protected by military-grade materials. These cases are made from D30, which Gear4 claims is used in military gear, industrial wear and athletic equipment.

The less-expensive Wembley case has this D30 material at its corners along with polycarbonate glass to offer 8-foot drop protection, while the Platoon case has far more of the advanced material to protect your phone from drops up to 20 feet.

You can find the Wembley for $35 (£26, AU$48) or the Platoon for $59 (£45, AU$81) on Gear4's website.

Case Mate

If you want more glam on your iPhone XR, look no further than Case Mate's selection of glitzy cases. From glittery gold to flower petals, there are plenty of choices for you to shine on, you crazy diamond.

Case Mate's more basic options start at $35 (£26, AU$48), and you can browse through them all on the brand's website.