Aldi’s slashing AU$400 off a brand-new Ecovacs robot vac in this week’s Special Buys

Ecovacs Deebot Neo robot vacuum cleaning carpet
(Image credit: Ecovacs)

A robot vacuum can be quite an expensive gadget, with good-quality models going for upwards of AU$500 at full price. But you can pick up the all-new Ecovacs Deebot Neo for just AU$399 during Aldi’s Special Buys this Wednesday, March 9.

The Special Buys deal will be the first time the Ecovacs Deebot Neo has been available in Australia, and this promo price saves you a massive AU$400 on the robovac, which officially retails for AU$799.

While we haven’t had a chance to review the Deebot Neo yet, we do have experience with plenty of other robot vacuums from the Ecovacs brand – including the affordable Deebot U2 and the more premium Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI – and the Neo’s spec sheet looks very promising.

It promises impressive suction power for a robovac at this price and, if any of the older models are anything to go by, the Neo will likely live up to that promise. The bot can mop up as well, and while this dual functionality is a nice addition, it shouldn’t be your main reason to buy the Neo.

Mop-ready vacs don’t offer the same kind of elbow grease you’d get when you scrub the floor yourself, meaning the automated mopping will likely be just a passable job. Still, it’s handy to have for an everyday clean.

The Neo’s feature set extends beyond this, with Ecovacs’ excellent mapping technology and carpet detection also onboard. The bot will automatically recognise when it’s on carpet and boost suction power accordingly, as well as keeping clear of carpet while it’s mopping.

We’ve had great experiences with the brand’s mapping tech in the past, as it’s fast and accurate, can detect objects up to 10 metres away and items as small as two millimetres in size. This all helps the bot to clean more efficiently, so battery life won’t be wasted.

Multi-floor mapping is available if you need it, and you can customise which rooms the droid should clean on each floor using the Ecovacs app. You can also create virtual boundaries in the app to stop it from disturbing certain areas.

All told, this Aldi Special Buys deal is incredible bang-for-buck, as you’re getting a feature-packed robot vacuum for just AU$399 (that’s half price!). Keep an eye out for it in Aldi stores this Wednesday, March 9.

Jasmine Gearie
Ecommerce editor

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