Cyber Monday air purifier deals 2024: clear the air before it's too late

Cyber Monday Air Purifier Deals 2022: Jump To...

We're getting closer to the end of the day, but there's still plenty of time to grab a great Cyber Monday air purifier deal! 

We've spent the whole of today and earlier in the weekend scouting for the best deals, whether you want something whisper-quiet to remove allergens in your bedroom or something big and powerful to keep the air clear in your living room, there's plenty to choose from.

We've been keeping tabs on all of the best deals in today's Cyber Monday deals and over the weekend, and have spotted some fantastic savings across some of the biggest brands including Dyson, Bissell, BlueAir, and Philips.

Some of the best deals we have seen (so far) are on Amazon. The Aroeve Air Purifier is down to its lowest price ever to $97.62 (from $129.99) with the option to apply a 5% coupon for further discount, for example. The reseller also appears to have plenty of stock and they are price-matching other sites such as Best Buy and Walmart. If you specifically want a Dyson air purifier we've spied an exclusive on the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde which is down from $689.99 to $499.99 and is only available through the Dyson site.

Below you'll see that we have rounded up offers on all the biggest brands as well as quick links for the best sites to pick one up at, and we'll be updating this page throughout the day so check back every so often to see if any new deals have appeared. If you prefer to have more of a cooling appliance than an air purifier, then check out our best fans guide for comparison and where to buy.


Cyber Monday in the UK
We're covering US Cyber Monday deals here - so if you're reading this from the UK, head over to our round up of the best UK Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday air purifier deals: quick links

Cyber Monday air purifier deals under $150

Levoit Air Purifier for Home Bedroom:$99.99$84.97 at Amazon

Levoit Air Purifier for Home Bedroom: was $99.99 now $84.97 at Amazon
Levoit air purifiers are great value all year round and get even better on Cyber Monday. This one has hit its lowest price ever and has a sleep mode that keeps the volume below 24dB (no louder than a whisper). It can run on a timer too, with auto shut-off.

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH:$229.99$139.29 at Amazon

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH: was $229.99 now $139.29 at Amazon
The Conway Airmega is a consistent best-seller, with an array of smart features that really make life easier. This isn't quite the lowest price we've ever seen - that was $120 earlier this year, but it's pretty darn close, and $90 off is nothing to sniff at.

Aroeve Air Purifier for Large Room:$129.99$97.62 at Amazon
This air purifier is down to its lowest price ever on Amazon, and you can save a further 5% by applying a coupon. It's ideal for cooling rooms up to

Aroeve Air Purifier for Large Room: was $129.99 now $97.62 at Amazon
This air purifier is down to its lowest price ever on Amazon, and you can save a further 5% by applying a coupon. It's ideal for cooling rooms up to 1095 Sq Ft and will remove 99.97% of allergens such as dust and pet dander.

Blueair Bedroom Air Purifier:$139.99$97.99 at Amazon

Blueair Bedroom Air Purifier: was $139.99 now $97.99 at Amazon
Although this is not the cheapest price the air purifier has been (that was $82.99 in April 2022) we still think that this is a good deal, especially if you need it now. It's good for small rooms of up to 190 sqft which will clean the air in 12 or so minutes - it'll remove 99.97% of airborne particles such as smoke, dust, viruses, and pet dander.

Instant Air Purifier:$249.99$139.95 at Amazon

Instant Air Purifier: was $249.99 now $139.95 at Amazon
This smart air purifier (from the maker of Instant Pot cookers) is a great Cyber Monday deal at Amazon, with 44% off the regular retail price. It's built for large rooms, and according to Instant, it can remove 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Cyber Monday air purifier deals under $300

Honeywell InSight HEPA Air Purifier:$289.99$169.99 at Best Buy

Honeywell InSight HEPA Air Purifier: was $289.99 now $169.99 at Best Buy
With a saving of $120 this Honeywell air purifier can become a lot more affordable for providing cleaner, fresher air in homes with rooms of up to 550sq.ft. It has 4 cleaning levels and will help to capture 99.97% of airborne allergens.

Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier:$360.49$172.12 at Amazon

Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier: was $360.49 now $172.12 at Amazon
This is one of the biggest discounts on air purifiers we have seen so far this Cyber Monday. With 52% you can now get this air purifier for one of its lowest prices (the lowest ever was on January 2020 for $136.69). It's a good option for homes with pets and large rooms.

Blueair Blue Pure 211+:$339.99  $237.99 at Amazon

Blueair Blue Pure 211+: was $339.99 now $237.99 at Amazon
BlueAir is one of the biggest and best names in air purifiers, and this is a big saving on a machine made to keep the air clear in large rooms. It activates automatically to remove cigarette smoke, pet dander, pollen, and dust from living rooms, family rooms, and playrooms. It's never been this cheap before at Amazon.

Dyson Pure Cool Link:$499.99$299.99 at Dyson

Dyson Pure Cool Link: was $499.99 now $299.99 at Dyson
We're not exactly been flooded by deals from Dyson this year, so to see this air purifier (which also cools) marked down by $200 has caught out attention. It's one that circulates purified air throughout the room, which we found that it does a fantastic job of in our four-star review.

Cyber Monday air purifier deals under $500

Bissell air320 Max:$350.19$315 at Amazon

Bissell air320 Max: was $350.19 now $315 at Amazon
This Wi-Fi-connected air purifier has 10% shaved off the price right now on Amazon. Despite its retro stylings (check out the wooden legs), it's an advanced machine with a three-stage filtration system to handle common pollutants and allergens, and activated charcoal to soak up odors.

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde:$689.99$499.99 at Dyson

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde: was $689.99 now $499.99 at Dyson
This air purifier is only available at Dyson, so it's only on their site that you will be able to save $190. The difference between this one and the other Dyson air purifier we feature above is that it will detect and destroy formaldehyde (a strong-smelling chemical used in building materials) and it can be controlled using the MyDyson app.

Should you wait for a Cyber Monday air purifier deal?

This is something which we would all like to know but, unfortunately, there's no easy answer. Typically those deals which we saw during Black Friday continue through to Cyber Monday, but in some cases, we may see further price drops.

However, this is dependent on stock levels and how keen retailers are to shift any remaining stock. Some air purifiers can also cool the air which is probably the last thing we want to do if we're heading into the colder months of the year. That said, an air purifier can quickly clean the air in a room with some capable of doing such a thing within an hour.

If we look back at Adobe's 2021 Holiday Shopping Report, we can see that appliances as a category had their biggest price reductions over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. However, we didn't actually see a further drop in prices on Cyber Monday. After all, the change in cost on their typical value over these dates was pretty much the same at -8.57% and -8.39% respectively.

This year's Black Friday proved to be a little different from previous years with deals landing sooner than we had expected. We saw some big drops in the first few weeks of November and then deeper discounts between the event and Cyber Monday. Although the air purifier Cyber Monday deals may not be the cheapest we've ever seen due to the demand that they're in for a healthier lifestyle, there is plenty of stock. 

Our advice would be that if you see something you like then we'd recommend grabbing it now. There's no guarantee of deeper discounts past Cyber Monday and although there may be stock now, supplies won't last forever.

Cyber Monday air purifier deals

(Image credit: Levoit)

Cyber Monday air purifier deals: our predictions

When will Cyber Monday air purifier deals start in 2022?

Right now! Black Friday this year was November 25, but many air purifier deals landed well ahead of the day itself, and have continued throughout the weekend into Cyber Monday.

Last year prices stayed low throughout the week, with occasional flash sales and lightning deals offering particularly good offers. We expect to see the same for Cyber Monday 2022 (November 28), with a few last-minute deals cropping up as the event continues.

Where can you find air purifier deals on Cyber Monday?

Amazon often leads the way when it comes to air purifier deals on Black Friday, with discounts on Dyson, Coway, Blueair, Levoit, and more. If you have a specific model in mind though, take note of where else it's stocked ahead of Black Friday. Best Buy and Home Depot also run some great promotions every Cyber Monday, and we'll be keeping you posted on all the main discounts when they start dropping in November. 

Which air purifiers will be discounted for Cyber Monday?

Last year, air purifiers sold out at record speed, and stock vanished almost as soon as it dropped. This year though, we're expecting a much more extensive range of promotions on budget brands such as Honeywell, right through to highly coveted Dyson air purifiers. 

Stay tuned for price-matching battles, too, because once those prices start to drop we're expecting to see stores like Best Buy and Walmart matching the discounts you'll find at Amazon and other retailers. Recent drops from Shark and BlueAir may also see some big discounts, given that they're already reduced well ahead of Black Friday itself. We're also expecting to see some exclusive air purifier Cyber Monday deals from Dyson since this is a trend we see year-on-year.

The best air purifier to look out for on Cyber Monday

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

(Image credit: Dyson)

1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

Bets air purifier over all

Reasons to buy

Senses and captures dust
Heats in winter, cools in summer
Fully sealed to HEPA standard

Unlike most air purifiers, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool can warm the filtered air before sending it throughout the room, making it a particularly good choice for chilly winter months. It has HEPA H13 standard air filtration claiming to remove allergens, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and mold spores from the air. It's also 20% quieter than Dyson's previous model.

If you don't also want to have the option to heat and purifier the air then we'd also recommend looking out for the Dyson Pure Cool link. It's got a very similar design stance, although doesn't look as squat, and will oscillate by up to 350° to circulate air. You can read more about it in our Dyson Purifier Cool Autoreact review.

BlueAir HealthProtect 7470i

(Image credit: BlueAir)

2. BlueAir HealthProtect 7470i

Best air purifier for allergen filtering

Reasons to buy

Smart design
Simple to use
Real-time tracking

Reasons to avoid

Expensive filters

BlueAir is one of America's best selling air purifier brands so getting an air purifier Cyber Monday deal on one of these would be such a good thing. There is one which we are keeping a look out for though; the BlueAir HealthProtect 7470i.

It's simple to use, but very effective, with real-time tracking of airborne pollutants and allergens. Replacement filters are relatively pricey, but you may well be able to find a good deal on those as well during the sales period.

Last year's best air purifier deals

One of last year's standout deals was a lightning deal on Amazon that dropped the Coway AP-1512HH White HEPA Air Purifier's price by 35%, with an overall saving of $80. We're expecting more lightning deals from Amazon this Black Friday, as well as some early savings on stylish brands like Molekule and Conway. 

We also saw savings of up to 25% on the brand new Shark Air Purifier 6, as well as up to $200 off the Dyson HP04 Pure Hot and Cool Air Purifier and Fan.

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