Spintel’s crazy-fast NBN 250 plan is now also insanely cheap

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Spintel has made some big changes to its internet offering, and now its insanely fast NBN 250 plan is also insanely cheap.

You can now get Spintel’s 250Mbps NBN 250 plan for AU$75 a month for your first six months on the service, which is about the same price you’d pay for a much slower 50Mbps NBN 50 plan. The discounted price only holds for the first half-year, but once it finishes the plan only increases to AU$85.95, which is the lowest we can find in this speed tier.

Spintel’s NBN 250 plan reports a typical evening speed of 211Mbps, which is excellent for the price though not the fastest available. For better speed, you’ll need to consider more expensive alternatives such as Dodo, which offers 245Mbps evening speed for AU$110 a month.

SpintelNBN 250Unlimited dataNo lock-in contractAU$75p/m (first 6 months, then AU$85.95p/m)

<a href="https://techradar.whistleout.com.au/Transact?pai=2&si=454&gi=1792&pi=13311&ct=0&ci=17106&byo=true&ai=42&ppt=0&subtag=hawk-custom-tracking&r=hawk-article-url" data-link-merchant="whistleout.com.au"">Spintel | NBN 250 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$75p/m (first 6 months, then AU$85.95p/m)

The average cost of an NBN 250 plan among the telcos we monitor is close to AU$112 a month, which makes Spintel’s ongoing price of AU$85.95 almost unbelievable. While the typical evening speed on this plan is 211Mbps and not the fastest available, it is leaps and bounds ahead of what you’d get with an NBN 100 plan for a similar price. We think that alone makes this plan very worthwhile.

Cost breakdown: AU$75p/m (first 6 months, then AU$85.95p/m)

Total cost for first year: AU$965.70 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$1,031.40

We think Spintel’s internet deal is one of the best cheap NBN plans you can get, and in addition to its competitive price, the telco has also received largely positive feedback from real-world users on sites such as Product Review (no easy feat for an NBN provider).

If you want maxed-out speeds from this tier though, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Our alternative recommendations are Superloop, which promises a typical evening speed of 230Mbps for an ongoing price of AU$99, as well as Dodo which increases the speed even further and costs a little more at AU$110 ongoing. See our guide to the best NBN 250 plans for a more in-depth look.

Want to see how Spintel compares to other NBN 250 plans? Here’s a look at other major providers offering this plan.

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