Shell Energy broadband customers will soon be moved to TalkTalk - here's what you need to know

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In December 2023, Octopus Energy bought Shell Energy UK, including the company's broadband and home phone customers. For many, this was viewed as a shame because Shell Energy broadband used to supply some of the best broadband deals on the market.

But don't worry, if you're supplied by Shell Energy broadband, then you won't be cut off. Instead, you'll soon be automatically transferred over to TalkTalk, which is just as good. Crucially, you'll be pleased to know that there are no charges for now and you simply need to keep paying your bills as normal. 

Here's everything that you need to know about what will happen... 

Why are Shell Energy broadband customers moving to TalkTalk? 

As we mentioned, Octopus Energy purchased Shell Energy UK back in December. As you may already know, Octopus does supply energy (like Shell Energy), but it doesn't supply home phones or broadband (like Shell Energy broadband). 

As a result, Octopus has been looking for a buyer for these customers and their contracts since it bought the company. Now, Octopus agreed a deal to sell this set of 500,000 customers to TalkTalk. The transfer is due to start in the next few months. 

Crucially, Octopus Energy will keep all of Shell Energy UK's gas and electricity customers. 


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What do I need to know about the move? 

If you're a current Shell Energy broadband customer, then you may be worried about the move. However, the key takeaway is that nothing is changing for you for the time being. 

In fact, you'll likely be relieved to hear that the terms and conditions of your current contract with Shell Energy broadband remain valid. Added to this, if you have a problem with your broadband, you can still get help and manage your account through Shell Energy. The process for this remains entirely unchanged and you just need to visit their website

Similarly, you won't just suddenly lose your internet connection. Octopus Energy will contact you when it's your turn to be migrated to TalkTalk. This will happen at some time in the next few months but no date has been set for the process to be finalised, so don't worry if you don't hear anything for a little while. 

You'll also be pleased to hear that this move will happen automatically and there's no need for you to do anything. Plus, Shell Energy already uses some of TalkTalk's technology behind the scenes, so the transfer process should be seamless. As part of this, your direct debit should be transferred to TalkTalk automatically - this means that you need to keep paying your bills on time and in full.

There shouldn't be any downtime during the move. It's also worth knowing that, if you do lose service for whatever reason (which is unlikely), and the outage lasts longer than one working day, you'll be entitled to compensation under telecom regulator Ofcom's rules.

Then, when the switching process is complete, you'll also stay on the same contract. Sadly this does mean that you'll still be subject to the April price rises already announced by Shell. 

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What do I need to know about TalkTalk? 

We think that TalkTalk is one of the UK's best broadband providers. It's also one of the country's most popular internet service providers, too. 

We've also highlighted a number of great broadband deals from TalkTalk before. This is because the company offers some of the best value deals on the market today. In fact, it's currently running a sale where selected plans are half-price for six months! 

Added to this, TalkTalk also offers a good range of plans, with options ranging from 35Mbps through to 900Mbps. You even have the option to bundle TV packages or calls to your plan, too. 

So don't worry, you'll be in good hands with TalkTalk. You may even find that you want to renew with them when your current contract comes to a close!

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What if I don't want to move to TalkTalk? 

Well, the first thing you should do is check the details of your agreement with Shell Energy. If you're out of contract, then you can grab a great new deal before the switch takes place. To find the very best deals in your area, you can either use the widget below or visit our best broadband deals page. 

If you're still under contract, then it's more than likely that you'll need to pay early termination fees if you want to switch away rather than moving to TalkTalk. Given the circumstances, there's a chance that you may not have to pay this fee, but this hasn't been confirmed by either TalkTalk or Shell Energy. We'll update this guide when we know more.

Unsure whether you're still under contract? Head to Shell's website and log into your account. If you don't know the password or you're unable to log in, then check the details in your current contract. You can also check your email address (including your junk folder) for a contract start or end date. Failing that, you can call Shell on 03300 945801 or email

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