Samsung refreshes its Smart Monitor to be the centerpiece of your Galaxy home

Samsung Smart Monitor
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At CES 2024, Samsung revealed plans to refresh last year’s 4K Smart Monitor with a new model that'll serve as a media control center for other Galaxy devices.

According to MacRumors, the upcoming Smart Monitor M80D will have a Multi Control feature, allowing users to move images and text “between the display and a Galaxy Book, tablet, or phone” – your choice. What's more, users who own a pair of Galaxy Buds can connect them to their device to enable spatial audio with head tracking for immersive viewing. Galaxy Watches will be able to transmit and show guided workouts on the screen when connected. Lastly, Samsung is making it easier to configure the Smart Monitor’s settings by introducing support for computer mice. Previously, you had to use the included remote control to make adjustments. 

If it ain't broke...

Apart from the software additions, current online reports state the 2024 refresh will be nearly identical to 2023’s Smart Monitor M8. It still kinda looks like an iMac. It’ll have a lot of the same features as before, including 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) resolution, a 32-inch screen, 60Hz refresh rate, and a SlimFit webcam at the top. 9To5Mac states the hardware will continue to house USB-C ports with the ability to offer up to 64W charging.

The same report goes on to say the monitor will retain its ability to double as a smart TV thanks to the onboard Apple TV Plus and support for AirPlay 2. Samsung is apparently going with the 'if it ain't broke, don’t fix it' mentality

So far, the company has yet to make a detailed announcement outside of the CES 2024 showing. There are still a lot of questions left on the table, most importantly, when the display will launch and how much it'll cost. The Smart Monitor M80D may be available in two sizes: 27-inches and 32-inches, just like its predecessors. At the launch, the larger 2023 Smart Monitor model cost $700, so we could see a similar price for the 2024 revamp. Currently, it’s too early to tell with total certainty.

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