Galaxy Book5 Pro leak shows Samsung’s thin-and-light laptop might be powered up by an 8-core Intel Lunar Lake CPU and Battlemage GPU

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro in use on a desk showing the screen
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Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 Pro hasn’t been on the laptop scene long, and already the firm is apparently planning the next iteration of this popular portable, which will carry one of Intel’s next-gen Lunar Lake CPUs according to a fresh leak.

The Galaxy Book5 Pro (model ‘Samsung NT940XGK-DSD’) was discovered in the SiSoftware benchmark database by regular leaker @momomo_us on X (formerly Twitter).

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The current Galaxy Book4 Pro made the leap to one of Intel’s new Meteor Lake chips when it arrived early in 2024, but the Book5 Pro is shifting up again, this time to a Lunar Lake processor as mentioned – presumably when the laptop is released early in 2025. (That is, of course, pure guesswork, but it makes sense for that to be the timeframe).

The leak shows an 8-core Lunar Lake chip with four performance cores and four efficiency cores (and clock speeds of up to 2.8GHz, but we wouldn’t pay much attention to that, as this is still early testing and the CPU won’t be near its final speeds yet). Xe2 integrated graphics are on board here, too.

Analysis: Shooting for the low-power moon

As low-power silicon, Lunar Lake will sit underneath the Meteor Lake range for Intel. These Lunar Lake processors are designed to major in efficiency and deliver relatively peppy performance in thin-and-light notebooks such as the Galaxy Book Pro. They’ll offer a great deal of grunt for their low power usage, as well as Xe2 which is next-gen Battlemage graphics, to boot.

Battery life should be very strong, too, if the rumors are right, and there’s a great deal of promise with these next-gen laptop CPUs from Intel. All of this could make Samsung’s MacBook-like laptop even stronger when it debuts likely early next year, as mentioned – and the Galaxy Book4 Pro already made the cut to earn a spot on our best laptops list as it is.

This leak is coming pretty early, actually, which suggests that Lunar Lake is on track for a launch late in 2024, though as the grapevine has previously suggested, it likely won’t be around in meaningful quantities on the shelves until 2025 rolls into town. We might even see the Galaxy Book5 Pro late this year, perhaps, given this leak popping up now, early doors – but sticking to a yearly cadence for new models seems the most likely approach from Samsung (as it has previously done).

These chips will likely be the first outing for 2nd-gen Arc GPUs, with desktop Battlemage graphics cards possibly having slid in their potential release timeframe to Q1 or even Q2 of 2025 going by the latest chatter.

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