EE broadband launches new ultrafast 300Mb Fibre Max internet plan

ee ultrafast fbre max broadband deal

EE has announced a new ultrafast broadband offering for its home customers that want a fibre connection – meet Fibre Max.

EE Fibre Max comes in two modes: fast and really fast. That's either a 145Mb or 300Mb average download speed. That's almost as fast as the 362Mb hyper speeds that Virgin Media broadband offers.

But to sweeten the EE offer, the network is also throwing in an additional 20GB of data each month to those who use its mobile network on an EE Pay Monthly handset.

The EE Fibre Max plans will be available to over one million UK homes at launch with new areas being connected "all the time", says EE. Max Taylor, Managing Director of Marketing, EE said: "Our new fibre broadband plans are designed to support the demands of customers with increasingly connected homes and families.

"With the growth of 4K TV, smart home technology becoming more popular than ever, and more members of the family using the latest smartphones and tablets, we’re giving our customers the widest range of converged mobile and home broadband products in the UK, along with the best customer service, so they can enjoy the fastest speeds both in and out of the home."

How much do EE Fibre Max broadband deals cost?

EE Fibre Max is available online, in store or over the phone with both versions on an 18-month contract. Fibre Max 1, which gives you 145Mb download speeds (around 18MB per second) will cost £42 per month. Fibre Max 2, which offers faster 300Mb average speeds (an incredible 37.5MB per second) will set you back £47 per month.

Want to throw in EE TV with your broadband? Add that one for an extra £8 per month, for a "limited time". New and upgrading customers also have the £50 setup fee waived. For existing customers there's even a free BT Whole Home Wi-Fi mesh network setup for complete home coverage, worth £199.

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