BT's new BT Plus broadband and phone plan promises fast converged connections

bt plus

BT is letting loose a new offering called BT Plus, which aims to offer a speed loving combo of 4G on the move and fibre broadband at home - all in one deal.

The idea of BT Plus is to give you one bill that covers all your data connection needs. That means not only BT’s fastest unlimited fibre connection with average speeds of 300Mb (equivalent to a staggering 37.5MB per second), but also its quickest 4G LTE mobile phone signal.

To encourage families to sign up, it will give customers who have more than one mobile on their BT Plus account double data every month. Plus, there’s round the clock care for the best possible service.

BT's 'Keep Connected Promise'

“We’re launching BT Plus to make it easier for our customers to get the best of fibre and 4G to stay connected wherever they are," said Pete Oliver, Managing Director of BT Marketing and Sales, "Our Keep Connected Promise means that if ever there’s a problem with your broadband – we’ll use 4G to keep your family connected while we fix it.”

BT Plus bundles start at £61.99 per month. One bundle example offers a 10GB SIM with Superfast or Ultrafast Fibre for £95.79pm or with Ultrafast Fibre 2 - with average speeds of 300Mbps - for £100.79pm. Then, for every new 3GB+ SIM, there’s 20 percent off, plus double data.

When you consider that Ultrafast Fibre 2 is £60 per month and a 10GB SIM is £66.99 per month, totalling £126.99, this is a decent saving of £26.20 every month.

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