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HIS AMD Radeon HD 4850 ICEQ4 review

An overclockers dream in a graphics card

If you own a 22-inch widescreen monitor, the 4850 card is a perfect match

Our Verdict

As standard, the 4850 is good. Overclocked it's getting on for greatness


  • Smooth and powerful performance
  • Good value

A big, fat overclocking-friendly cooler with 800 stream shaders and 40 texture units courtesy of AMD's awesome RV770 GPU – and all for £130. You get an awful lot of pixel pumping prowess for your cash.

The 4850 chipset is quite a goer in standard trim. But HIS has upped the ante with a core clockspeed of 685MHz (up from 625MHz stock) and an extra 200MHz of memory frequency for a headline rate of 2.2GHz.

Granted, it's not enough to make a truly dramatic difference, but it does help to maintain the 4850's advantage over Zotac's overclocked GeForce 9800 GT.

If you own a 22-inch widescreen monitor, this card is a perfect match. It will drive any game maxed out at 1,680x1,050 (except Crysis) with buttery smoothness.