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Watch this hyper-fast drone put all others to shame

Hyper-fast drone hacked together on the cheap

Woosh! This drone, built by a hobbyist named Warthox, is not only lightning fast but makes the best sounds to go along with it. Hit play on this video and listen as it rockets skyward.

It's custom-made - the video's name is a list of the parts used to create it, which cost just $670 from drone specialists Flyduino. To decode it a little for non-enthusiasts, the frame is a minicp120, it has x2208 200kv motors, six 4.5 hqprop propellers, and a 4s1800 40c battery.

Warthox's flying skills are almost as impressive as the price. You can see the nimble craft tumbling through the air, executing precise rolls, flips and loops. There's something of a debate over whether the video might be sped up, but the cars in the background appear to be moving at a regular pace.

And if that wasn't enough for you, here's the same pilot flying Warpquad, the fastest quadrocopter in the world, from last year:

Via The Verge