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CNN turns to Star Wars for US Election

CNN taking a leaf out of Star Wars
CNN taking a leaf out of Star Wars

News channel CNN pulled out all the stops last night for its US Election coverage and beamed in a hologram presenter to report on the on-going, drawn-out voting process.

Taking a leaf out of Star Wars, reporter Jessica Yellin – not a patch on Princess Leia – explained to a bemused CNN office how exactly she was there but not, er, there.

The presenter was actually in Chicago but also reported from New York due to the 3D trickery.

The process involved her standing in a ring of 35 HD cameras – a bit like how The Matrix's bullet time was created – filming her every move. Clever, if a little gimmicky.

BBC gets interactive

Speaking of gimmicks, those who watched Barack Obama romp to victory on the BBC had to make do with a touchscreen map, which saw presenter Jeremy Vine interactively fumble around the states of the US.

At least he didn't wear a cowboy costume, like he did for the 2008 UK elections.