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Qantas wants to give you Frequent Flyer points for exercising

Qantas wants to give you Frequent Flyer points for exercising

In an effort to reduce the weight of its passengers (or to keep Australians healthy or whatever), Qantas is launching Qantas Assure, a new health insurance program powered by nib which rewards Frequent Flyer members with Qantas points just for exercising.

Customers who purchase Qantas Assure policies will be able to use a wellness app which, when used in conjunction with a fitness tracker, will count your steps in a day and automatically deposit Qantas points into your Frequent Flyer account.

In its press release, Qantas stated that its wellness app will be able to sync with most popular forms of wearable technology, though specific devices have yet to be determined.

Point taken

Points earned from exercising can be put towards the health insurance program itself, for flights, shopping, and even used to pay your Spotify subscription.

"When members combine the Qantas points they can earn from literally walking around the block with all the other ways to earn, it becomes a very powerful proposition," said Lesley Grant, CEO of Qantas Loyalty.

The Qantas Assure program, which will launch sometime in the first half of 2016, also includes travel insurance, which Qantas has already offered to over half a million passengers per year.