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Netflix takes aim at PlayStation Vita

Netflix logo
Soon to feature in a gamer's pocket near you

Netflix, the formerly US-only movie and TV streaming service that has just launched in the UK, will be available to users of Sony's upcoming handheld console the Playstation Vita.

Film lovers will have to wait until after the PS Vita's launch on 22 February to enjoy the service on its 960 x 544px 5-inch OLED screen. Meanwhile PS3 users are eagerly waiting news of when the recently-appeared Netflix appwill go fully live in their XMB.

War games

Since Netflix launched in the UK yesterday, a price war has started with UK-based service Lovefilm. Netflix first undercut Lovefilm with a £5.99 a month unlimited streaming deal, then Lovefilm returned with a new price of just £4.99.

Where Netflix goes Lovefilm will surely follow, and vice-versa. So expect to see Lovefilm appear on the PS Vita soon after launch as well.

It's all great news for movie lovers, and the competition between the two should see them work harder to launch quickly on new platforms.

Lovefilm is already available on PS3, Xbox 360, iPad and other devices, and both Lovefilm and Netflix are offering one month free trials of their unlimited streaming services.