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Shops make more room for Blu-ray

HD DVD is losing shelf space to Blu-ray in some US retailers' stores

Blu-ray looks sets to consolidate its win over its HD DVD rival with US retailers now

devoting more space

to the champion's titles.

A report in Video Business says retailers like Trans World Entertainment are now focusing on Blu-ray because it has won backing from Warner Bros. The Hollywood movie studio accounts for nearly 20 per cent of DVD and high def disc sales.

"[Consumers] don't want to buy into another Betamax. As retailers, we need to simplify things for the consumers as much as we can with merchandising one format," Trans World's Mark Higgins told VideoBusiness. "We don't want to be biased, but that is clearly the direction that high-def production looks to be going."

One deciding factor for US retailers is the sheer numbers of titles that are already available on Blu-ray, rather than HD DVD. However other household names like Amazon continue to show no preference for either format, giving both equal prominence.