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Try not to laugh at the price of Samsung's 105-inch curved 4K TV

Curved TV
No wonder they waited seven months to tell us the price

The 105-inch curved UHD 4K TV Samsung unveiled way back at CES 2014 left quite the impression, but its just-announced price is putting our jaws on the floor for an entirely different reason.

Samsung revealed today that the massive TV can be yours for the almost unthinkable price of $120,000 (about £70,333, AU$127,732). That's more than most exotic cars, and more than many people make in a year.

We had to expect that a television with a three-digit size, unusual 21:9 aspect ratio and swooping curve would come at a steep price, but that … well that's just crazy talk.

Its specs are impressive; buyers can bask in its 5120 x 2160 screen resolution and marvel at its trim 0.3-inch bezel. However, for all its graces, with a stand-less weight of 198.4 pounds, it's going to take up a big piece of your living room.

Pre-order the UHD S9 Series Smart TV - 105-inch Class (the screen's official name) now if you have the dough. If not, just keep shaking your head at Samsung's wishful thinking. We know you already are.

Via Engadget