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Foxtel confirms February 2015 release date for its iQ3 set top box

Foxtel confirms iQ3 release date
Finally, a date has been confirmed!

Foxtel has finally confirmed the release date for its much-anticipated Foxtel iQ3 set top box.

People with a pre-registered interest in the product received a short email blast yesterday, in which Foxtel announced that the iQ3 is "on track to arrive in February 2015."

The company said that it's "finishing up a few final details" on the product, and will "keep customers posted" on when they can order the new box.

Tell 'em the price, son

Foxtel has yet to confirm any pricing details for the iQ3, however the Australian TV and entertainment news website Nelbie claims to have witnessed leaked documents which indicate a $150 upgrade fee for customers who want the new device.

The set top box will have a range of new features, including a 'Start Over' function that lets you skip right to the beginning of a show that you've come into mid-way, as well as improved search, recommendation and EPG functionality.

The iQ3 is being manufactured by Pace, and has been described by Foxtel as the "sexiest device" it has ever created.