New Star Wars VIII ship revealed by BB-9E Sphero toy


Mild spoilers ahead! The new Sphero BB-9E toy has given us a glimpse of a brand new Star Wars ship - Mega Star Destroyer ‘The Supremacy’. 

Sphero has followed up its immensely popular BB-8 robot with the dark equivalent, and we already love the look of the BB-9E on its official launch for Force Friday II. 

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But, for those seeking information ahead of Star Wars Episode VIII, the new AR mode on the toy gives us the chance to explore a new ship in the canon - The Supremacy. 

So, what can we tell you? Well - the blurb tells us that this is the main ship of the Supreme Leader Snoke and his First Order and it’s a massive 60 kilometers in length. 

We also get told that it’s the only Mega-class Star Destroyer, many times bigger than the Super Star Destroyer of the original trilogy. 

Having spent a little time piloting BB-9E around the ship we can confirm that it’s a) definitely not small and b) very reminiscent of its predecessors. 

The new Star Wars films definitely have a track record of super-sizing - The Force Awakens famously top-trumped the Death Star with the Starkiller Base - but as long as we get to see some more mouse droids we’re pretty much okay with it.