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Sony says a final goodbye to the PlayStation 2

Hear that? That’s the sound of a million childhoods being ended in one fell swoop by Sony Japan as it pulls the plug on its PlayStation 2 aftercare service. Although the console hasn’t been in production for over five years, up until now Sony offered a repair clinic for diehard fans of the PS2. 

Reportedly, Sony asked those diehard fans to fill out an online form before August 31 for the chance to have their console repaired one last time. Any PS2s sent to the Japanese Playstation Clinic service center in after this Friday will sadly not be fixed. 

End of an era

Since the news broke this week, Twitter users have been responding in their droves, remembering classic games from their childhoods:

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Some reactions were more dramatic than others...

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Pulling the plug

The PlayStation 2 was released way back in 2000, and went on to become the best-selling console of all time, reportedly selling over 155 million units. Over time, it has become synonymous with classic games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Ratchet and Clank, The Simpsons: Hit & Run, and Spider-Man. 

Rest in peace, PS2. 

Via Kotaku