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Spotify iPad app 'in the works,' says Daniel Ek

Spotify iPad app 'in the works,' says Daniel Ek
The wait for Spotify on iPad is nearly over

Following the publication of a leaked screenshot, Spotify has confirmed the long-awaited iPad app is definitely on the way.

Speaking at the not-so-special 'special announcement' of a marketing link-up that will see Coca-Cola-branded playlists introduced, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek confirmed the pending iPad arrival.

With Ek prepared for questions about the newly-minted Coke deal, the audience instead quizzed the Swede about Apple's tablet, but other than to say its "in the works" there were no further details.

A full iPad overhaul

Monday's leak showcased a layered app that looked more like Twitter for iPad than Spotify for iPhone.

The attractive tabbed design appears to show easy navigation between albums, playlists and songs, while also integrating the service's relatively-new social focus through Facebook.

A Spotify for iPad app has proved somewhat of a holy grail for Apple tablet owners.

While the two-year wait has been somewhat puzzling considering the company's race to embrace other platforms, it looks like we won't have to wait much longer.

Via: Engadget