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Microsoft deems Android Wear fit for OneNote, adds Share feature for iOS 8

Moto 360
Microsoft adds support for the (Android) wearable movement
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Microsoft is moving to bring OneNote to every devices it can, even if they aren't running some version of Windows.

The Microsoft OneNote team just launched an new application for Google's growing Android Wear platform. Users who download the OneNote app onto their Moto 360 or other Android wearable can say, "OK Google, take a note" to transcribe anything they verbalize to a virtual sticky note.

The OneNote group also announced a new Share Extension feature for iOS 8, which, by the way, heads out to iPhones and iPads Wednesday. The new functionality lets users share content from various apps that utilize OneNote without ever having to go into the app.

With the Share Extension, OneNote will also appear among social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, allowing users to upload images and share website clips. As a more work-oriented application, users will be able to transfer email attachments to Microsoft's cloud.

Saving the best for last

Of course, Microsoft isn't forgetting to improve its OneNote app for its own mobile platform, too.

OneNote for Windows Phone 8.1 is lapping up a new feature called Office Lens. This lets users take a photo of a document or whiteboard and turn it into a digital document.

As explained in a blog post, users can snap a photo of a paper doc and convert it into a Word file. Alternatively, taking an image of a whiteboard with OneNote will digitize the text and images to produce a PowerPoint file.

This isn't the only announcement Microsoft offered today; it had a few new hardware products to share, as well.

Kevin Lee

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