Microsoft's Xbox One controller for Windows isn't its only new plaything

Xbox One controller
Throw a cord on it and call it a day

Microsoft was clearly unsure how to follow up the bombshell news that it acquired Minecraft developer Mojang for a couple of billions, but announcing a few boring new accessories is probably as good a way as any.

These new extras include a Bluetooth keyboard that works with Windows, iOS and Android devices, a new variant of an existing Microsoft mouse, and an Xbox One controller for Windows (sort of).

That last one may seem like the most interesting, but the reality is actually kind of funny: it's the exact same controller as the existing Xbox One version, just with a USB cable in the box.

The cord appears to be the same one - indicator light and all - that accompanies the Xbox One Play and Charge rechargeable battery kit, and other than its inclusion this controller is exactly the same as existing versions.

Let's review

The "wired" Xbox One controller for Windows costs the same as the standard Xbox One controller and includes a USB cable, and either version can be used with Windows or the Xbox One.

You might as well get the one that comes with the USB cord, to be honest.

Moving on, the new Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is actually kind of neat. It can connect with iOS, Android and Windows devices, includes a tablet stand that doubles as a protective cover when the keyboard isn't in use, and can last up to six months on a single charge.

Unlike most Microsoft accessories, even ones that work with non-Windows systems, the keyboard has OS-specific buttons like a "command" key for Apple devices and an Android "home" key, though it doesn't have any Surface branding or Windows buttons.

Lastly Microsoft also announced a new variant of its Arc Touch Mouse that comes in grey and lacks the Surface branding of the previous black version.

The $60 (about £40, AU$65) new Xbox One controller and USB cord bundle will launch in November, while the Universal Mobile Keyboard ($80, about £50, AU$90) and the new Arc Touch Mouse ($70, about £40, AU$75) arrive in October.

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