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Nvidia plots Hybrid SLI graphics tech

Nvidia is prepping a new power-saving take on its multi-GPU SLI graphics technology, according to reports.

Known as Hybrid SLI, the new technology will combine an integrated GPU with an add-in graphics board to deliver both increased performance and power savings.

When running undemanding 2D applications, a Hybrid SLI-enabled PC will utilise only the power-efficient integrated graphics chip.

Fire up a demanding 3D program such as an advanced game engine, however, and the system will seamlessly enable the discreet video card to provide extra rendering power.

The process will be essentially invisible to the end user and will not require a reboot.

Speaking to, Nvidia's Adam Foat confirmed the existence of the Hybrid SLI technology, but said official details were still under wraps. However, he did hint that the focus of Hybrid SLI was power savings rather than outright performance.

Hybrid SLI is expected to appear in both desktops and notebooks before the end of the year.