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Tinder now lets you 'Super Like' someone, still no 'Super Meh' button

Tinder Super Like
Tinder Super Like

Tinder doesn't think just liking someone is enough anymore: now you can do a Super Like that makes sure they know you REALLY like them, and maybe they'll reconsider swiping left on you.

Now you just need to swipe up for a Super Like, rather than the normal left or right.

If you're the recipient of a Super Like there will be a blue footer on your potential match, so you know they really want to match with you - or that they're just super horny.

Swipe up to get down

You'll be limited on Super Likes, however, so if you'll have to be Super Frugal with your Super Likes Super - sorry all.

Sadly the feature is only available in Australia right now, but Tinder assures us if all goes to plan it'll be rolling out globally later this year.

It's the first big change to the unique way of interacting with Tinder. The hook-up service has been adapting in a load of new features over the past few months such as adverts and integration with Instagram.