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Nokia N900 gets second firmware update in a week

Nokia N900 gets a firmware update
Nokia N900 gets a firmware update

The Nokia N900 has already been treated to one firmware update this week, which allowed access to the company's Ovi Store. Now a second update has come along which acts as a fire fighter, putting out some of the software problems which persist in the smartphone.

First up, you now have support for the Swiss keymat variant, which means that the phone now allows the combination of German, Italian and English characters – great for the multi-lingual user.

More pressing, though, is the fact that Mail for Exchange will now work with the popular Exchange Server 2003 and all SIM cards from network operator 3 are now compatible with the device.

Primed and ready

Also updated is Ovi Maps, which now has improved search facilities and there's now route calculation onboard.

Couple these updates with access to the Ovi Store beta and over-the-air downloads and what you have is a device which is all primed – despite being hobbled by a resistive screen – to take on the iPhone.

Expect the update to wing its way to your phone in the next 24 hours.

Via Nokia Conversations