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Nokia N8 unveiled on Vodafone for the UK

The Nokia N8 unveiled by Vodafone
The Nokia N8 unveiled by Vodafone

The Nokia N8 is coming to Vodafone in the near future after the red network finally put up a pre-release page.

There's (predictably) no information on a proper UK release date or a dedicated UK tariff as yet - but this might be a little cheaper than many expect as it's been given a £320 early price tag SIM free.

The Nokia N8 is set to be the most heavily-specified from the Fins, with a 12MP camera capable of HD recording, HDMI slot, 16GB of memory and a massive capacitive OLED touchscreen.

Better than Android

It's also the first handset to use Symbian^3, the first effort to make the OS more of a competitor to the iPhone and Android operating systems - although it only has three home screens, which may limit widget use.

The Nokia N8 has been given a Q3 UK release date, but the news from Vodafone hints that it could be earlier than that - it's more likely, though, we'll be seeing this phone in July.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled, as we're looking forward to putting this through its paces in our Nokia N8 review.

Will it finally lay the spectre of the N97 to rest?