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Nokia backs athlete's Cross-Continent Challenge

Former Olympic gold medal-winning rower James Cracknell is attempting to reach Africa from the UK under his own steam in less than a week. And Nokia is tracking his progress every step of the way.

Issued with a GPS-enabled Nokia N82 cameraphone, Cracknell's backup team is able to keep in contact with him every step of the way as he uses the phone’s map feature to help him navigate his way from the UK to France and Spain before swimming across to Morocco.

Using the 5-megapixel sensor on his cameraphone means Cracknell will also be able to document his trip, which is being undertaken as part of the annual Sport Relief effort.

Most of his trip will be made by bicycle, although he’ll be rowing across the English Channel and swimming 12 miles across the Straights of Gibraltar. It’s possible to keep pace with his progress by visiting Cracknell's dedicated Cross-Continent website.

At the time of writing Cracknell was barely 70 miles into his journey, so there’s bound to be some interesting times ahead. Here at TechRadar we wish him luck.