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Nokia adds iPhone-like interface to phones

The 8GB Nokia N95 is one of the handsets that will feature a touch-sensitive interface in the future

Nokia today showed off its new S60 Touch Interface at the Symbian Smartphone Show in London's Docklands. Similar to the user interface on the Apple iPhone, Nokia's S60 Touch Interface will handle input from your fingers or a stylus.

Haptic feedback - where the device vibrates when you hit certain on-screen buttons to tell you it's registered your instruction - is planned, as are automatic sensor-based responses. The new software will also recognise orientation and motion, and there will be full support for online video with an integrated mobile version of Flash Video.

The technology is still very much in development and won't be available on Nokia smartphones until next year, the firm said. Existing S60 3rd Edition applications will be able to run unmodified on touch-enabled devices.