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Is this the Cyan Nokia Lumia 1520?

Is this the Cyan Nokia Lumia 1520?
Why so blue?

There is less than a week to go until we jet out to Abu Dhabi to see what Nokia have been shouting about.

This means that it is high time for a flurry of leaks and rumors surround just what Nokia might be launching.

We're expecting the official announcement of the heavily rumored Nokia Lumia 1520, the firm's new flagship Windows Phone 8 phablet device.

Blue is his house with a blue 'little' windows phone

Today's leaked press render comes from a previously unknown source, by the name of Moroleaks.

We're advising an unhealthy dose of the old NaCl on this one, as there are only 7 tweets from the feed, with 5 of the others being of the fabled Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet that have, possibly coincidentally popped up on evleaks before hand.

It does, however, appear to match previous photographs that we've seen before. If this does turn out to be the Lumia 1520, it shows that it will come in a few colors a la iPhone 5C, or nigh on every Nokia Lumia device.

Needless to say, we'll have the full news on to you as soon as we can, until then we'd suggest checking out what we already know, or at least think we know.