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iPhone 5S casing leaks alongside more colourful budget iPhone shells

iPhone 5S casing leaks alongside more colourful budget iPhone shells
New colours! What a treat

The cheery array of budget iPhone cases are becoming a familiar sight round these parts, with yet another supplier leak showcasing the spectrum of colour options.

Red, yellow, white, blue and green are all represented in plastic in this latest leak which comes alongside an iPhone 5S case all in aluminium.

Designwise, the new images seem to confirm what we've all suspected: that the iPhone 5S will be pretty much the same as the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S leak

Credit: Apple Daily

The same, but more so

Not much else to report from this round of leaks, which come from undisclosed sources talking to Apple Daily - so not really ones to print out and put on your wall, let's say.

We're expecting Apple to unveil the iPhone 5S at an event in September, at which point it will unleash iOS 7 on the world too.

Some say we could see a fingerprint reader baked into the handset, others expect a better battery, a 13MP camera and some other minor improvements over the iPhone 5.

As for the oft-discussed budget iPhone, we could possibly see Apple throw a curve ball and bust the thing out over the summer months. At this point, who knows.

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