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iPhone 3.1 being spotted out and about already?

iPhone 3.1 - not the firmware, an actual phone is spotted!
iPhone 3.1 - not the firmware, an actual phone is spotted!

We might not be in 2010 yet, but as we're learning all too painfully, that doesn't stop the 'what the next iPhone will be' rumours, and we've now been treated to the latest.

Macrumors is reporting that the iPhone 3.1 has begun appearing in usage logs, according to app developer Pandav.

The developers can see which handsets are accessing its applications, and the company has noticed that a new model has surfaced.

The iPhone 3GS was coded as 2.1 during its development, which the site points out was also first seen in usage logs eight months ahead of development.

One more thing

This means that we're set to be treated to another 'and one more thing' in June (which is hardly the most outlandish prediction we're ever going to make) but with the glut of new contracts for iPhone users on Vodafone and Orange coming up, that's going to irritate them when it lands.

Of course, with such a leap in product code this could be the fabled Apple iTablet - but we're hoping if we stop talking about that the rumour will die.

And what will it look like? Multi-core, OLED screen, longer battery... we've made these predictions a million times before.

So we're sticking out necks out here - the iPhone 3.1 will be called the iPhone Newton Crosspad 2010 and will be able to fly. You heard it here first.

Via Macrumors

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