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Hop-on hops on Android bandwagon

Budget Android handset coming in 2009
Budget Android handset coming in 2009

If T-Mobile's G1 ("with Google!") is above your budget, the next Android handset should be more far more affordable.

Hop-on - a small manufacturer best known for its upcoming 'disposable' $10 (£6.30) HOP 1800 mobile phone - has announced that it will be launching a sub-$200 (£127) Android handset at CES in January.

In a gleeful press release, Hop-on notes that it will "reap the benefits of Android's open source code."

Hopping happy

Hop-on's Peter Michaels said, "Hop-on is committed in bringing the latest technology to the market, the Android open platform makes Hop-on competitive in the high end mobile phone market. This will create market value for our shareholders."

The design and specification of the Hop-on handset remain to be seen, but if it's anything like the maker's other products, it will be a lame rip-off of a major manufacturer's design cobbled together from average components.

Keep your eyes peeled on Hop-on's website for more info: